need help for girl friend

  1. need help for girl friend

    my girl friend has been seeing a personal trainer the was to expensive she wants to lose wieght and tone this is what shes on now and im woundering what changes we sould make thanks in advance
    Monday (workout day)
    20 mins hit on treadmill
    Eat breakfast (hour after cardio)
    Protein shake (1 scoop) may contain fruit for pre workout
    10 min cardio warm up
    Upper body workout all sets will be 10x10x10 and rest between sets will be 30 seconds apart at max
    Rest between exercises will be sort as possible
    Mecanical precher curl
    Mecanical tricept pushdown
    Mechanical peck fly
    Mechanical chest press
    Mechanical military press
    Mechanical lat pull down
    Mechanical row
    After work out protein shake (1 ) one hour after work out
    Shake can be included in calorie count in lunch or move your meal to afternoon snack
    Afternoon snack
    Lite dinner
    Night snack (hour before bed)

    Tuesday (cardio day)(maybe include gym cardio class)
    20 mins hit on treadmill or bike
    (work abs some time in the day)
    Eat Breakfast (hour after cardio)
    Snack (any snack can be protein)
    Night snack (hour before bed)

    Wensday (workout day)(legs)
    20 mins hit on treadmill or bike
    Eat breakfast ( one hour after cardio)
    Snack (protein shake 1 scoop may contain fruit pre workout)
    Gym (all sets like upper body )(10 min cardio warm up)
    All mechanical leg mecians
    After workout protien hour after workout (protein 1 scoops)
    Night snack (hour before bed)

    Thursday (same as tuesday)

    Friday (workout)(full body)(same as Monday)

    she is counting calories and doing 500 below maint

  2. Alright man. I am an NSCA personal trainer and I dont know what the **** this dude/chick has her doing. first off sets of ten isnt going to help with toning. those are reps to put on mass. she needs to be doing 15 rep supersets w/ 30sec-1 min rests. the biggest key to her losing weight and toning up is cardio, cardio, cardio, cardio. she needs to be doing that way more than the weight lifting. ppl say they do workouts to get toned. its not true. everyones "toned" but they have fat hiding the definition. she needs to be eating 1500-2000 calories a day. those are clean calories. whole wheat foods, lean meats, low fat dairy products, veggies, no fast food or eating out. diet is 70% of the picture. cardio is 29% and weight lifting is 1%. so focus on sticking in the headphones and going for a 30-45 minute run. 6 days a week. first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the evening after she hasnt ate for an hour. she can weight lift 3 of those days. go ahead and follow the program the douche gave you but google supersets and change it to that and make all the reps 3x15 with 30-1 min rests.

  3. fasted HIIT cardio makes sense, but that full body workout completely blows. a full body routine should have the most compound movements possible, so something more like:
    assisted pullups
    clean and press

    would make a lot more sense. minimal breaks, etc, all sound good. i'm assuming this is done as supersets, which again makes sense. 10 sets of 10 is ridiculous though. 4-5 sets of 10 is a better range to shoot for. also, this workout should leave you ready to toss your cookies, or its not being done right. speed of reps is more important than weights on this, though still, you should always challenge yourself. 5 sets of 10 x 5 exercises should last 20 minutes. that's it. don't worry so much on how many calories below maintenance, as it won't matter. HIIT and the above posted workout kick your metabolic rate through the roof so long as you stay away from sugar and slow digesting carbs. if she did the above workout on MWF and did HIIT on TTh, she'd loose weight eating her current maintenance calories -again, assuming she watched her carb intake. add in fasted HIIT on top of that, and she'll loose weight faster than she'll realize.

    a quick thing i should mention, is do not trust the scale - loose 5 pounds of fat, add 5 pounds of muscle and the scale won't budge. its better instead to try putting on those jeans that you can barely fit into, and watch how much easier it becomes. or that little black dress that most women have in the closet.

    my workout partner lost 2 inches off his waist in one month, with no HIIT and no watching carbs, so trust me, the results will shock you.

    never do regular cardio, unless its because you enjoy it. its just not effective compared to boosting your metabolic rate through managing growth hormone.

  4. second paragraph of suncloud hits the spot. dont watch the scale. they are the devil. they dont tell you what your body is doing. either get skinfold caliper bf% test or use the fitting of clothes. good about point!

  5. Thank you Travis and suncloud as far as the guy being a douche that might be a step up from what i call him. I eat really clean now and without cardio just lifting lost 30lbs and got some good gains so i try to get her to cut out the junk. But where working on that. Maybe she will listen to you guys. About the reps i do 12x10x8-fale for mass gain and told her to do 15x15x15 but i deffenity will look in to supersets. as far as the cardio she likes going to gym classes at night like zumba and spining and they last about 1 hour so all i got to do is get her to run in the morining on those days and twice on the days shes not doing a class. With the work outs i like sun clouds for her...........who knows maybe in a couple months i could be banging the girl i starting dating 5 years ago

  6. i wish a few of the people i recommended this workout to posted their results. have her work her way down to doing it in 20 minutes - maybe start with a goal of 30 minutes, and increase the speed from there.

    if she does go this route, please post back results (before/after pics would be awesome) for inspiration to others.

    maybe she could get a profile on AM and do a workout log


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