would just like to say that my first 3 months with IA were great, he responded to all my calls, called me back, and was available to talk at any reasonable hour of the day or night. His advice really made me progress not only in my training, but also my life (im 21) the guy is very intelligent and gives great advice.

now to my progress. I am a hargainer to say the least, I am not built to get big at all, my physique is similar to a soccer player, or a lanky pitcher. In my first month, I couldnt bench 135 for more than 8 reps on a good day and I weighed about 170 at approx 15% bf. In 3 months, I have shot up to 180 at about 10%, and I can now bench 155 for 5 reps. Its not a lot for my weight but considering I can almost touch my kneecaps without bending while im standing, I think its a pretty good increase. my squat is up from struggling with 185, to getting 1 good rep with 315, and my deadlift is up from 135 for 12 to 185 for 12, and I got 245 for 1. I was also able to add .5 inch on my arms, and im much more vascular. I would recommend him highly, and I am looking forward to training with him while I am away for the military.

props to IA