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  1. Shrugs

    What kind of shrugs do you do?

    I heard mixed reveiws on pause shurgs, DB, BB, ect. I want to build Crazy traps, whats the best thing to do?

  2. ive gotten the best results focusing on heavy barbell shrugs

    a few warmup sets, then 2 heavy sets with rest in between each, after the 2nd heavy working set immediate drop sets...usualy i go up to 5 or 6 plates and strip a plate off each drop set until failure

  3. I like to do DB Shrugs, usually with like 70-90lb DB's for like 10-15 reps. I keep two 45lb plates next to me, and will pick them up and do a drop set of like 10 after every set with the DB's.

    I also like doing Behind-the-Back Barbell Shrugs in the squat rack. Hits em from a diff angle.

    That being traps never get as sore, get worked as hard or grow as much as when I'm doing Hang Cleans.

  4. I did dumbbell shurgs, but hurts my hands so much, and its annoying.

  5. Hanging cleans really shock my traps

  6. shrug all you want but for ginormous traps you


  7. I agree with fritzer Deadlifts really bring my traps out, also I think your best mixing it up, doing dumbbell shrugs, barbell, something I found effective was calf-raise machine shrugs, and don't forget standing upright rows too they get your traps

    Last week I did a seat of heavy Dumbbell shrugs supersetted with lighter I felt my traps the day after, with a great burn in them !:
    10 x 50kg drop 10 x 30kg
    10 x 50kg drop 10 x 30kg
    10 x 50kg drop 10 x 30kg
    10 x 40kg drop 10 x 30kg
    I really enjoyed that, felt it for a day or two after too !

  8. I agree with the above post. I have crazy traps for a girl and actually try to avoid training them so as not to build them.

    But standing barbell shrugs, dumbell shrugs, up and outs and the upright rows all help. All my trap work is usually high rep.

  9. Deadlifts, cleans, power shrugs. Something i have done before is to set the pins at mid thigh level and do rack pulls with alot of weight for alot reps. I think i have done like 700 for 15, it is rough, but it will fry your traps and upper back.

  10. also look into how dorian does them in blood and guts. his arms dont hang straight down (for DB shrugs) they are bent at the bicep a bit so when doing DB shrug it lifts into the neck a bit. not up and down but diagonally up to the traps behind your neck if that makes any sense at all. trying to visualize it for you haha

    not rolling shoulders just lifting like this a bit = \

    1) deadlift
    2) heavy barbell shrug
    3) good form DB shrug

    depending on how you train but generally 2 sets barbell then 1 set DB

  11. I do dead lifes on back days, but I think I'll switch them up.
  12. True74Seneca
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    Ive been doing heavy Hang Cleans then

    "Jump Shrugs" HEAVY 1x10
    1x10 Increase weight each set. I add 20lbs each set.
  13. Future
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    [ame=""]YouTube - Dumbell Shrugs[/ame]

  14. deadlifts and heavy barbell shrugs ... on both exercises I hold the contraction for a few seconds then perform the negative ... on last rep of shrugs I hold contraction for as long as I can

  15. BB deadlifts and BB rows keep mine pretty thick. I don't think I've done shrugs in well over a year.

  16. I alternate a tri set. It's brutal and fun. After warm ups I go very heavy, 12 rep max, with barbell shrugs. Then I immediately step to the side and grab moderately heavy dumbells for a 15 to 20 rep, then I immediately set those down and do shrugs with nothing in my hands, just raise em up 20 times or so. You'll look odd doing it, like "i dunno, i dunno," but who cares. You'll feel it. Triple super set rocks. I'll do this 4 times.

  17. It's also important to remember to stick your chest out when doing d/bell shrugs.
    This really isolates the traps,and you can definitely feel it working.
    Most people tend to lean forward.

    I also prefer behind the back in the squat rack.Keeping elbows tucked to the side.NO flaring.Very short ROM,but effective.

    Another way is to lie down on the row bench using a t-bar and hit traps that way also...Something different.

  18. i like heavy barbell shrugs..... i do 3 sets of close grips and 3 sets of wide grip. and a upright cable rows....

  19. I normally do DB shrugs. Start at 60 Pds and work my way up to 90 Pds. I will drop the weight and rep out for the last set.

    Has anyone tried doing DB shrugs on side at a time? I tried it and can really get a good lift on the trap but it causes you to arch to the side. I held onto a rack with one arm and shruged with the other. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this.

  20. For me, the basics are deadlifts and db shrugs. In addition, you can try angling your body during certain shrug based exercises, I typically do this on the hammer strength machine or with db as shown above in the video posted by Future.

  21. deadlift what u have to do for the day. then try to add 15 reps and jsut shrug that.

    For switch of pass grab 70 pound dumbells and use about 185 on the bar and put ur favorite song on. Shurt the barbell to failure do dumbells then go back to barbell. etc. till song ends. or u reach a certain number 200 on each etc..

  22. Farmer Walks with 100lb+ dumbells are great for traps

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    I did this exercise today and it was great. I had to go a bit lighter than my stand up shrugs but it def. hits the spot. You are able to contract the muscle more. Something I recommend everyone to try.

  24. i have a question how can i get my traps thicker and growing out instead of thin and growing up? thanks!

  25. I'm a big believer in compund movements rather than isolation - so I really like Power Cleans. They're like a hang clean but you start from the ground. This is one great movement. If you press it at the end you're working most of your major muscle groups.

    Yes you get more momentum through the clean with the power cleans - so just use heavier weights.

    Try Supersetting Power Cleans and Hang Cleans to really slam your upper back and traps. At first your cardio will probably give out - but push through it - go throw up - and do it again.


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