just got back...uneven strength..??

  1. just got back...uneven strength..??

    well after 3 weeks of walking on a broken foot...6 weeks in a cast and 3 weeks in a cam walker...I am finally BACK !!!

    today was my chest day and my right side seems to be weaker than my left side...I am not really sure what caused it maby being on crutches...a about 3 months ago I partially tore my right bicep and i didn't really get back into the gym full swing before my broken foot...my muscles feel 100% nothing hurts so I think there is not an injury...i just think it is a combination of things...

    I need some suggestions on how to train so I can become even as quick as possible...I mean just lifting so things keep even will do it eventually...but i wanted to know if anytone has any secrets or suggestions...


  2. hmm

    When i was younger my left arm used to be stronger then the right and it sucked...I fixed mine overtime by using heavier db's on the weaker arm and really paying attention to working it hard....It took a while until they were both equal in strength but it did work.

  3. my left bicep is stronger and more defined than me right, but im right handed.... weird.

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