dumbbells are too light...

  1. dumbbells are too light...

    The dumbbells at my gym only go up to 120 lbs and are thus inadequate for incline bench press (120 x 12). I was wondering if I should switch to barbell (of which I am not a fan... do not get a very good burn) or would preexhausting my pecs by doing flyes be a good idea?
    thanks for advice

  2. pre-exhaust would be one answer. But i wouldnt use pre-exhaust method for an extended amount of time. Its more of a plateau breaker than a long lasting routine. I understand your feelings regarding barbells since i have the same problem. (mines more regarding the range of motion that a dumbell gives me). Use pre-exhaust for a while but learn to adapt to the barbell as well. Really can stack some weight on there without having to worry about the weights every being too light for ya.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    The dumbbells at my gym only go up to 120 lbs and are thus inadequate for incline bench press (120 x 12).
    Damn dude. Why dont you just Load up two barbells? LOL

  4. If you think thats bad you should of seen the one gym I went to. Only went up to 90s wtf!. Anyway I use pre exhaust all the time. I know most say use it sparingly but I use it quite often and get good results.

  5. You guys don't know how lucky you are. I train at a Bally's & they got rid of all DBs over 85lbs about a year ago. None of the staff could explain why, I emailed Bally's cust. service a few times, & never got a response. I also would ideally like to have 120s+ for flat/incline presses.

    I've found that if I do all my BB presses first, then a few flyes to pre-exhaust, then I can use the 85s for 12 & it feels much heavier. That's your best bet.

  6. Slow down your rep speed. Do your sets with a TRUE 3-5 second positive and negatives and work you way back up to the 120's.

  7. Options:

    Slow down rep speed
    Use incline barbell
    Use smith machine

  8. Do you do incline first before you do flat? If you do do your flat first. Use preexhaustion before incline. Mabye that will help.


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