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  1. Post Updated Common Training Styles

    The links are now fixed, here are the links to the most common training styles/strategies we see here. If you feel something needs added, feel free to PM me.

    *DC's Cycles on Pennies (courtesy of iron addict)

    *Fox Sets

    *German Volume Training (GVT)

    *3x3 Training

    *Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST)

    *Max OT Training

    *High Intensity Training (HIT)

    *Westside Training

    *Cardio Discussion
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  2. Might as well add a few more in there. I posted this over at FI, the one I posted at the bb.com forums has a few dead links, and I couldn't edit them.

    Basic Splits:


    Conjugate splits/high frequency training:


    HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training):




    HIT (High Intensity Training):


    Dogg Crapp Training (DC):


    Extreme Stretching (to go along with DC):


    Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training (DFHT)


    Westside Training:


    German Volume Training (GVT)


    Tri Phase Progressive Training (TP PT):


    Abbreviated Training:


    Russian Training


    Bulgarian Training


    Pendulum Training
    http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do;jse...rticle=29 6pend2

    Undulated Periodization - Variable Repitition Training


  3. The DC link is dead. Does anyone have any other links that are working? Thanks in advance.

  4. In all honesty, for those of you who haven't heard of Christian Thibaudeau, he is my favorite coach of all time. His programs always seem to work wonders for me. Here are just a few of his programs that are on T-Nation that I have had a lot of success with.

    Shoulders Overhaul
    This program really helped my shoulder development. Now my delts are one of my best bodyparts.

    Triple Threat
    About to start this program for the second time. It really helped me realize my potential with deadlifts. I also got an amazing set of traps and forearms out of the program.

    Optimized Volume Training
    This is by far my favorite program for size and strength. I am currently using it while on a Body Recomp AAS cycle and the results are fantastic. Basically, it is a modified version of German Volume Training. The problem that the author points out with GVT is that most people actually lose strength on that program. So OVT uses heavy movements in the 5 rep range supersetted with light controllable loads with a heavy negative for 5 more reps. So every muscle group still gets 100 reps.
    The author also notes later on, that using such a high-volume training strategy for the 8 week period may lead to overtraining for many people. Instead he recommends using a 3,4,5,3 approach.
    On Week 1, do 3 sets of each superset.
    On Week 2, do 4 sets of each superset.
    On Week 3, do 5 sets of each superset.
    On Week 4, do 3 sets of each superset.
    You then repeat this scheme with different exercises for each bodypart.
    Also, I should note that you strive to increase the starting weight of your first set each week. This is the key to gaining strength with this program. Always use heavier weights, but not at the expense of proper form.

  5. I have posted the link to ACIT, shich stands for Accelerated Inroad Training, in the following post


    The web site for ACIT is www.acit-training.com
    please check out this new and revolutionary method of training.

    Thank you


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