Workouts while on gear?

  1. Workouts while on gear?

    I have looked high and low on a lot of boards and sites, for workout routines that are aimed for people on a cycle of gear, but so far I have just found workout routines for natural people.

    I would like opinions on what to change on workout routines from natural to gear?

    Opinions on whether to train the same muscle twice a week, or just increase intensity and volume?

    Also posting your workout routines while "on" would be helpful. (optional)

    Thank you, and I really appreciate it.

  2. I would just throw in a little more volume to your pre-existing routine. A few more sets here or another exercise there. Not a lot of people are going to be able to hit muscles twice a week even while on gear, but you know yourself best. I like Iron Addicts advice of using a routine you know you can grow on while off. You can still overtrain while on.

  3. IMO if you are training properly, the only thing about you that will change is the rate at which you can recover and grow muscle. As you continue through the cycle, the weight you can move will increase, but just moving heavier weight does not necessarily imply that you have to do more sets also. You grow in-between workouts anyway, so taking a long nap may help as much as throwing in an additional workout. Further, anabolics do not increase recovery of your CNS, tendons, ligaments, etc. as I understand it, and they have to recover and strengthen as well, which argues against substantially increasing volume. Therefore, although you will lift more "tonnage" during a cycle, you might not have to change your routine much at all. Good luck in any case.

  4. ok, I understand. Thanx a lot, and I really appreciate it

  5. I agree with Cogar, this cycle I actually dropped my volume a little bit and concentrated more on intensity on one set. My gains in strength and size were more than some previous cycles I've done. Even now in my first week of PCT I dropped to a two days/week routine and I haven't dropped any size or strength yet although it is really to early to tell but it is something new Im trying.

    Good luck



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