Need help with legs!!!

  1. Need help with legs!!!

    Ok so I have pretty big thighs just from squatting and stuff like that over the past years, the problem is just to buy pants i have to buy them bigger so they fit my thighs and then they hang off my ass. So now im more interested in toning my legs and actually getting them smaller. I still want to work my legs out but i want them to get smaller not bigger, what should i do? Thanks...

  2. You could just go up to 300lbs so they will stay up.

    LOL! I don't know if many will say this is a big problem. Can you find pants that are correct waist, but in "loose" or "baggy" style? At least with jeans, dress pants, you could just get custom taylored ones.

  3. Unless he wants to look like the young kids these days wearing their girlfriends pants tight from ankle to hip...ack.

  4. do a cut cycle...high reps, lots of running, and a slight calorie defecit and u should be fine with losing the weight on your legs

  5. k thanks...

  6. if you increase the reps your gonna loose strength, just change your diet


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