New idea, Leg day ONLY for plateaus

  1. New idea, Leg day ONLY for plateaus

    Ok im very bottom heavy. I have a huge ass, big waist, big hips, and very large calves for my upper body. My thighs are pretty big too compared to a lot of parts of my upper body.

    heres what im thinking. They advise you to take androgens when your at a plateau. I guess the thoery is you will get more out of them in the long run if you wait till you hit a plateau. Not necessarily a permanent one but a temporary plateau youve hit.

    Since leg day stimulates lots of hormones like a cycle would and i can afford to barely work my legs I was thinking that what i can do is just work my upper body with a 2 day split for 2 to 3 weeks with no leg day. This will allow my body to recover easier because my nervous system won't have to worry about legs being worked. Then when i hit a plateau after 2 or 3 weeks of only working my upper body then i throw in leg day for a 3 day split for 2 to 4 weeks so i can spur new growth, LIKE AS IF I WAS ON ANDROGENS IN A SENSE.

    What do you guys think???? What about during a cycle????

    Remember i can afford to not work my legs AT ALL for at least a 10 lb gain in upper body if not 20 lbs so my main concern is allowing my upper body to get maximum recovery and stimulation.

  2. If your upper body really lacks behind your lower body in developement I think that sounds like a great plan. The only thing i would consider doing is still doing legs but going very light as to help maintain and ease the transition back into doing legs again. Such a plan could really help even you out. Good luck.

  3. Thanks man for the ideas.

    I think if im only gonna take 2 to 3 weeks off without working my legs it won't be enough to cause a problem for when i get back on since i hear it takes 3 weeks of not working them for muscle to shrink.

    Im probably gonna go 3 weeks unless i seriously plateau early with my arms since ive been squatting heavy for a few months with hardly any time off and my knees have been begging for a lot of rest anyways. Thats sort of what led me to come up with this idea. Squat anabolic cycling ill call it. Heheh

    I know that after a cycle for at least 2 or 3 weeks ill need to work legs to get my test production up fast. In fact i think working my legs heavy has hurt my upper body because its putting a lot of stress on my body and my upper body can't recover well enough. I believe a lot of it is also because i carry more weight in my lower body then most do and hence i put a lot more stress on it and hence my upper body gets more of the brunt. I figure only when my upper body plateaus should i throw in the leg workouts like you would with androgens to break a plateau.

  4. ALso im kind of curious to know is how long is a muscle really hypertrophing??? I mean protein synthesis is for only 24 to 36 hours so aftre that for the next day or 2 is just repairing and not getting bigger????

    Just curious to know because i know for example when doing leg workout my body will still be "recovering" from the chest workout and will be putting on stress for my back workout in the next 2 days,

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