Want to Save Money on Gear and PH's?

  1. Want to Save Money on Gear and PH's?

    Want to save money on gear? Listen up, I'll tell you something that will save you lot's of cash. ALWAYS train within your body’s ability to recuperate, and you will find you probably need much less than you’re currently doing. I will always be the first to tell you that the more you do, the more you grow.... period. While gains may not double if you double your dose, they will be better nonetheless. They also may actually double, I have seen that before. You know what I have seen more of though? People doing huge amounts, or at least a damn good dose and growing very little except for the water gain. I'll use myself as an example and just tell you that I have seen MANY, MANY people experience the same thing. I can do 2 grams + a week, and other than the initial water gains, if I overtrain, I still don't grow. People that tell you that you can't overtrain while doing gear simply don't know what the **** they are talking about. A low to moderate dose will do absolute wonders for you if you train correctly. A huge dose will do very little for you if you are overtrained. The closer you are to approaching the threshold of overtraining the less results you will see. Yes, gear raises the threshold........some......... ..not nearly as much as most people imagine, and much more or less for different people. I see people that do sick amounts and barely look like they train, or look about like a semi-advanced natural trainer, and when I see their routine I fully understand why they are little. Your body can only tolerate a certain amount of training, and it's probably much less than you imagine. Yes, some people can do lots of sets, lots of exercises, 4-6 days a week and grow like weeds. They are NOT the majority. Chances are you are not in that category. Quit wasting your good gear on an overtrained body. If you aren't adding weight or reps or both every damned workout (even a little bit) you are overtraining pure and ****ing simple, or you are already right next to your genetic capacity to add muscle. No, progress is not always linear, but it should be damn close to it or you are doing something wrong........period.

    Iron Addict

  2. Thanks for this post, IA. I've been reading and researching as much as possible these past few lurking months, and decided now was a good time to post something.

    I've read everything I can so far by you and DC, I'm finally seeing that I am one overtrained guy...

    I've been training with weights for 8 years, and in the past year elevated my frequency to 5 times a week. I see now the mistake that is and my development has visibly suffered from it.

    I'm still wondering though, how much is enough? If I train each bodypart once a week and seperate the workouts into a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, is there anyway that can fit my recovery time? I'm looking at back and bi's on Monday, Chest tris and delts on Wednesday and Legs, abs on Friday.

    I tried splitting it up into two days a week and there was just too much for me to get through. Even with the rest pause techniques, I can't do anything except abs after I've worked legs and my legs will suffer if I work out any other bodypart before it.

    My other thought was Mon-Thursday and split up the three workouts among these days. Like:

    Monday day one: back and bis

    Thursday day one: chest, tris and delts

    Monday day two: Legs and abs

    Thursday day two: back and bis.

    Which do you think, theoretically, would work better?

  3. Thanks Iron Addict, I needed that!

  4. Vrykolaka,

    I'm certainly no expert but I can tell you I was in the same boat as you were. I'd done a 4 day split M-T-TH-Fr for most of my time lifting (many years on/off). Anyways after reading an earlier post by IA I switched down to a 3 day split like the one you described, and the results were amazing. Lifts started going up, overall energy increased, and no more frequent sickness. In retrospect I was overtrained, and the 3 a day helped dramatically. Can't say if its the optimal split, but it sure worked for me.

  5. After I posted that, I realized that it sounded like I'd only take advice from IA...not true! I like this place because all of you seem so helpful and informative, so I respect all of your opinions.

    Thanks for the opinion and advice, that's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for! I welcome any more advice I can get on this from any of you.

  6. Is the only way to tell if you aren't gaining? I go m-f, but only do 1 or 2 body parts a day, and only for about 45min - 1hr.

    I don't think I overtrain, but you've got me wondering now.

  7. well if you aren't gaining size or strength just how exactly is your program working?
    The thing is most people don't know they're overtraining - you may be one of those people.
    The way I look at it, you have nothing to lose by switching you current program to a 3 day split, cuz hell you aren't gaining now, why not give it a shot...


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