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  1. New Machine

    I just added a new leg press machine to my home gym.I am so limited for space this is perfect.

    My knees are pretty banged up from football and hockey so I cant go heavy on squatts...I can load alot of weight on this machine and my knees feel good.Do you guy's think I can build decent size and sweep on my quads providing the intensity and correct diet is there...

  2. It might be ok. The only problem I can see with it is that the back is set at a 90 degree angle. I know when I use a leg press I need to recline the seat to get a good range of motion otherwise my knees hit my chest and stomach.

  3. Squat is definately #1, but given the conditions leg press is your best alternative. Just make sure you're going low enough to get a decent ROM.

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