neck injury?

  1. neck injury?

    so a last thursday i was doing deadlift and had on 390 last set 5th rep, and halfway up i just feel my the left back of my neck tighten up and it wouldnt let go, after i put it down it was still really tight and started to hurt down my shoulder to the underhalf of my forearm.. so it let up and went away but now when i lean my head back, or like squat it hurts, didnt hurt to do bench yesterday though.. so i dont know what to think about it. and ideas, or recomendation are highly appreciated

  2. I was warned by a physical therapist when I was 17 that between football and a motorcycle accident I was going to have neck problems down the road. It wasn't a carte blanche statement about the two, rather it was based on the therapist putting me through range of motion on my neck and found it was not equal side to side. Anyway, my neck ailments eventually caught up with me at age 23. I found a good subluxation (sp?) based chiropractor and the pain was gone in a few visits and the range of motion was cured in a few months.


  3. so your saying i should go check with a chiropractor

  4. Find an ART guy in your area.

  5. ART is the way to go, I had a neck injury that was similar, all my neck muscles were tight as hell for close to two months and was causing me severe pain. I went to my doctor, a specialist, and a chiropractor, none helped. I found a chiropractor that did ART and after two visits I had no pain and full range of motion again, went a third time just to make sure and I havent had any problems since.



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