My New Routine

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    My New Routine

    I have spent the past year or so training 3-4 days a week, hitting each muscle once a week.
    Now I want to train one muscle a day to allow for greater focus.
    I have done a heap of reading and have incorporated some principles which I feel make sense.
    Since I have never done a 5 day a week routine, can you please check it out for me.

    I will be doing 2 sets @ 4-6 reps.
    Once I get up to 8 reps I`ll increase the weight.
    Once I can do 8-10 pullups, I`ll add another set of them.
    I take 1 - 3 minute rests between sets depending on the exercise.
    Workouts are 35-45 minutes.

    Monday - Legs
    leg press
    standing calf raise

    Tuesday - Arms/cardio
    dip machine
    close-grip press
    db overhead extension
    ezi curls
    hammer curls
    cardio 10 mins

    Wednesday - Shoulders/Traps
    military press
    db press
    db lateral raise
    seated db rear lateral raise
    bb shruggs

    Thursday - Back/cardio
    pullups 1 set to exhaustion
    lat pulldowns
    bb rows
    cardio 10 mins

    Friday - Chest/abs
    decline db press / flat bb press (alternated weekly)
    incline bb press
    incline db press
    weighted incline crunches 2*20
    twisting crunches 2*20

    * I don`t do any dips, behind the neck presses, upright rows or scull-crushers because I had shoulder surgery a few years ago.

    Weight: 190lbs
    BF%: About 17%
    Aim: Clean bulk to 220lbs, then cut.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since you guys know your stuff.
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  2. Looks good although I'm not a fan of working out 5 days a weeks, I say don't go over 4 but if that works for you great. The only suggestions I have would be to drop cardio, you are training 5 days a week and the cardio might just be overdoing it. Also, I would swap Tuesday and Friday and also Thursday and Wednesday. Work all the major body parts at the beginning of the week. The only other thing I would change is drop the pullups unless they are really working for you, focus more on strengthening your lat pulldowns and add another rowing exercise, if you have access to a hammer strength row those things are awesome or cable rows or t-bar works well too.

    Hope this helps you.


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