Went all out on back day, chest and tri's are sore too! Anyone else experience this?

  1. Went all out on back day, chest and tri's are sore too! Anyone else experience this?

    so i had a very good back/lats day yesterday, did the following exercises:

    6 sets of pull/chin ups, each set to failure (i can do about 7-10 reps on the first three sets then 4-6 on the last two sets)

    6 sets of lat pull downs, using both the straight bar and the v bar, going to failure

    3 sets on one of the new lat pull down machines, where you load free weights, not so much going to failure but making sure to get good pump

    anyway, not sure if playing basketball earlier in the day had anything to do w/ it (doubt it) but i woke up today w/ all the usual parts sore - lats and biceps

    but what's strange is that my chest is moderately sore, along with my tri's!

    anyone else experience this? not worried about it, i'm assuming i got a great work out...just strange since chest and tri's are not directly affected by the exercises i performed yesterday.

    i guess on the pull/chin ups, i was straining hard failing on each set...

  2. wowzers -- that's a ton of lat work! Are you doing any horizontal back work?

    What I can tell you is that the triceps get secondary work during any kind of pulldowns (but especially with pull-ups as they demand the involvement of several different muscles). If you try and "pull the bar apart" (like some suggest doing to shift the focus more towards the lats as opposed to the biceps) you can inadvertently stress your triceps as well -- especially during the negative portion of each rep.

    You may be using your chest and triceps to help stabilize the weight during that portion -- especially if you are leaning back. Try and feel it in those areas the next time you do the motion -- I actually get a pump in my triceps when I do BB curls (it's detrimental I know -- I'm trying to reduce it).

  3. Totally possible!

    You do work your chest during lat pull downs...especially if you are not leaning back that far.

    I have pulled my tri doing pull downs on a hammer strength machine before, so I would say what you experienced is 100% possible.

  4. I remember my chest and arms getting sore picking up barbells off the ground for doing rows. Not sure why, but I picked up slowly and set down slowly lol..

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