I'm Back!

  1. I'm Back!

    I am sitting here wondering WTF, but for all things considered am still fairly sane. In the last month I have:

    Worked on a remodeling project at the house.
    Put in a BUNCH of hours on a preliminary manuscript for a book.
    Went on an unwanted vacation at my parents in Arizona. This went to hell FAST as I don't get along with my father, and my Mom's ISP would let me receive but not send email, so I had to send everything out with her Dollady ID--how cute.
    Went to the mountains and got STRANDED and ended up having to hike 20+ miles out.
    Got in a bar fight with a 330 pound hick in overalls and got my face pounded some and fractured my right hand on his. Spent a couple days in jail even though he started it.
    Had my hard drive crash.
    Had my ISP's server crash.
    Had my ethernet card crash.

    I am back home now and all sytems are up and I don't think I'll be leaving the house unless I have to. Too dangerous-lol.

    Iron Addict

  2. Welcome back and sorry to hear your troubles. But good news I may be adding some new business to you in the near future.

  3. Welcome back !!


  4. you better have won the damn fight thats all i gotta say ....

    hey i get processed for special forces on monday
  5. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD
    hey i get processed for special forces on monday
    Hey LakeMountD..... congratulations, I think. What exactly does that mean though?

  6. means i get my main physical, go to the meps station etc.. also have to take my special forces PAST test which is a physical fitness test.. im soooo stoked about going tho.. 22 months of pure hell haha woohoo..

  7. Damn bro sounds like life was having a little fun with you. Fill us in on the bar fight. Details bro, details.

  8. Congrads on making it throught the last month IA..

  9. nice to have you back, IA

  10. glad to see you made it back, with one hell of an experience now thankfully in the past

  11. Damn, I thought I was having a bad-luck streak recently. You sure you didn't break a few mirrors lately, LOL.... Nice to have you around lately, I want some more articles!!!

  12. Iron Addict.... Thanks for the articles on your site

  13. IronAddict - you've got email

  14. I stopped by your site today and it looks great.
  15. Cool

    Glad to see you back IA and that things are back to "normal", if there is any such thing. Site looks great BTW!

  16. that is a sucky month haha


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