Ab training questions

  1. Ab training questions

    Alright I see it all the time people training abs more than once/twice a week. I just want to know people's idea why this is acceptable. I dont want to know for my own opinion i want to know because I think it is often misunderstood. Please let me know why one would train them more than any other muscle. Ray besides the fact that it might produce a side effect of spot reduction, beause that one is still up in the air. I really want to know for people that are trying to build abs not uncover them.
    Thanks for the imput!


  2. Man, this is actually a real good question. I presonally train my abs twice twice a week. probably just cause theyre such a ****ing stubborn muscle group. Kinda like calves, but calves go with leg day, so theyre only trained once a week. Abs really dont fit in with anything else......... meh, thats my half assed theory behind it. Ive read several books where ab training is recommended at 4-5 times per week. although i don't think theyre could possibly be any benefit to this at all Oh well, just food for thought.

  3. I have a friend that I argue this subject with all the time. He trains his abs a lot, like almost every day. I'm not really sure how many sets he does but I know he does really high reps with not much resistance. I beat the **** out of my abs, all the way down decline sit ups holding a 90lb db to my chest, for 3 sets, usually 8, 6, 6. Then I do reverse crunches all the way down decline crunches to failure, usually around 20, for 3 sets. That leaves me sore for anywhere from 3-5 days. Maybe doing marathon sets for 50+ reps can be done more frequently??? Actually come to think of it, during basic training when I first got there I could only do about 25 sit ups, but after doing them all throughout every day for weeks, I passed my final PT test with 82 sit ups. And I remember my abs were pretty hard. I guess it just depends what your goals are.

  4. I train abs two times a week, for me they are tricky, if I train them infrequently they actually become bigger (muscle wise, not fat) and to full, distended stomach looking, but If I train mine to often, they become to flat(overtrained)no definition. So for now I have settled on training them 2 x week but I do just leg lifts and decline crunches 1 maybe 2 sets of each, so they do not become overtrained flat/no definition but they do not start to grow to much like all other BP's.

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