Need some variety in my back routine

  1. Need some variety in my back routine

    Need some variance in my back routine. Typically do pulldowns, pull-ups, dumbell rows, seated rows, hyper-extensions, etc... Trying to increase upper back and get that Christmas tree. Suggestions please...

  2. well, theres already a pretty good thread on this called something like "exercises for the wings", but if ur not doing deadlifts already, be sure to add them in. maybe even do some partials with em to really emphasize the upper back. try some barbell rows too, and vary ur grip on pull-ups.

  3. One small change I have made recently is somewhat reversing the order of exercises, I used to always start with pulldown movements and then move onto the rowing movements, now I start with the rowing lifts and finish with pulldowns, small change I know, but sometimes a small change is all thats needed to trigger new growth.

    Also, I now emphasize on doing a movement for each grip, overhand, underhand and parallel grip.

  4. Deadlifts!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Lean One
    Obviously..... hehe. Yea, deads and partial (rack) deads my friend. Variations on Rows are nice. So are Pullups/chins.... but with your current routine minus the deadlift, its a must you throw it in brother

  6. T-bar rows.
    Slow down your reps and focus on the squeeze.
    Deep stretches.

  7. HEAVY ASS DEADLIFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Follow those up with some close grip pulldowns

  8. Something that has also helped me develop the middle of my back develop is doing what I call reverse extensions on the pec dec. Pretty hard to describe, but you first pull the handles all the way to the back, you face the handles while sitting, than you grab the handles and extend your arms back. I hope I described it okay.

  9. Iron Warrior, know what you mean...that's a good one
    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Will throw in the deadlifts!

  10. Deadlifts(full/partial), Barbell Rows, Pull-ups (weighted), and T-bars are excellent staples for a back routine.


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