is cardio still needed and diet

  1. is cardio still needed and diet

    ok here is the deal i would love some info and tips on my whole set up.
    i have come down almost 90 lbs, from 230+ to i am now around 145-150 i am 5 foot 5. lots of cardio and a severe calorie cut, (probably not the correct way). now that i am down the weight i have moved twords lifting more because to be honest i think i lost to much weight. what i am trying to do now is to maybe add a little mass (i do not want to bulk) maybe 150-153 but i would also like to cut up (anybody have any ideas to help saggy stomach skin). my calorie consists now of 1800 calories i will attach a file of my meal plan of course in the meal plan stuff can be substitued around from day to day. i eat 1-1.3 grams of protein per lb. so i am still under my calories, what would be the benefits of cardio? its not that i dislike cardio i am just trying to find the benefits for it. of course after being big i am so scared of putting back on weight and getting a huge beer gut again. i have been doing this routine now for about 2 months. i now have decent abs but with the sag skin (atleast thats what i think it is) it is so hard for stomach definition.
    my workout routine is as such
    day1. chest- upper and lower cablecross overs 3 sets each 6-8 reps 3 sets dumbell press 6-8 reps
    tri's- 3 sets 6-8 reps cabl pulld downs 3 sets over head pulls6-8, 3 more sets

    day 2. bi's dumbell curls 6-8 reps 3 sets, 3 sets easy curl bar, 3 sets of isloated machine curl
    shoulders shrugs 3 sets, 3 sets on cable,3 sets overhead press

    day 3 back and legs 3 exercises 3 sets a peice 6-8 reps

    day 4 off

    day 5 whatever isn't sore i work again or i will start back at day 1....

    so i am on a 3 on 1 off routine i am open to all ideas changes and suggestions

    abs are every day, 2 sets cable crunches 20-25 reps a set- leg lifts 2 sets 10 2 sets reverse crunch 10 reps, high chair leg lifts 2 sets of 10, supine bycicyle 2 sets of 10 4 count. and last medicine ball twist 2 sets 10 each side

    whey protein 1 scoop after workout ceasein sometimes during the day and sometimes at night.
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  2. I want to defer this one to the more seasoned experts but here's my .02cents.

    1. adding mass w/o bulking is....truly difficult. that's why we refer it to as the "bulk" cycle and then we shed the fat during "cut" cycle.

    basically, you want to add muscle under optimal conditions (enough intake of calories and protein, also fat), even if that means adding some fat to your body.

    those that are genetically gifted can bulk w/o the fat but most of us are not that way.

    having said that, you can really be careful about your diet and keep the fat gain to a minimum.

    you can also do cardio while you bulk, just do it either after you lift or on days you don't lift.

    or you can circuit train and just lift instead of also doing cardio but lift while keeping your heart rate up. pretty effective.

    so to answer your question - yes diet and cardio are still needed!

    2. not sure if you are doing these exercises but please do add compounds exercises such as deadlifts and squats.

    you will notice overall body changes most when you start doing these two exercises.

    good luck and don't get discouraged.

  3. thanks 310 for the reply, its not a frustrating thing for me yet, i am just starting to get into the game and i dont want to go in blind i guess. i think alot of it with me is going to be more mental, then anything, more easing back into the calories to repair my metabolism and telling myself that its ok to well actually eat, i am sure that as i continue with this increase in cals i will start to see more results, of course without over doing it. i guess what i was trying to get at is also that my routine is OK. that i am not overdoing it or not working enough. thanks for the reply though

  4. If trying to add muscle, 1800 kcals is far too few.

    The benefits of cardio include:
    Improved BP
    Higher HDL
    Lowered LDL
    Improved nutrient repartitioning
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Cardio is most definitely good for your overall cardiovascular system which will help you live healthy and longer. And as Rodja also mentioned with the nutrient partitioning it will help you to keep a faster running metabolism.

    Note: Lean bulking is NOT a myth. It takes hard dedicated work, but it can be done. You do not have to follow the yo-yo pattern of bulking and cutting. Not like so many do anyways. It's really not that healthy and can promote adult onset diabetes.
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  6. Agreed, with cardio youre working the most important muscle, the heart!
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