injured shoulder question

  1. injured shoulder question

    i was lifting good and heavy for about 6 months then i decided to try and work on my shoulders a little more. well i got done doing dbell bench then immediately went to a side lateral and felt a POP. well i continued to train because i had that type of thing happen to me before and after a few weeks it went away. well after 5 months it didnt go away and i had to go to the doc. i had a MRI done and an xray, they told me that i have a bursitis. well he injected it with cortisone and gave me VIOXX to help it, he said if that didnt take it down he may have to do scope surgery.

    my question is, has anyone had scope surgery and if so how long did you have to take off training and how long were you off work. i have been reading about A.R.T. and have been thinking of doing this before i subject myself to the surgery... im needing some help here guys what would you do????? just to let you know i have been taking the glucosamine 3 times per day to help with the pain. it helped just a little but i cant hardly lift anything without it being in major pain.

    thanks bros

  2. It's been a long time (thinking about this is making me feel old), but while lifting for high school football I suffered torn cartilage and ligaments on the last rep of the last set of upright rows. This was prior to the days of MRI so the doc thought it was a rotator cuff strain and pissed around trying rehab and anti-inflammatories. The anti-inflammatory (I think Tolectin) irritated my stomach even with taking it at a meal and with milk (years later an endoscopy found scarring in my duodenum which I suspect is from the anti-inflammatory). The rehab and anti-inflammatories didn't work, and I ended up having arthroscopic surgery which showed more damage than the surgeon suspected. Post-op rehab began within a few days/weeks (can't really remember), and continued for several months. My surgery happened over Christmas break, and I'm certain that sometime in April I was cleared to bench press again, and by the 7 month mark was setting PR's on bench. As far as the work thing goes, I had the typical BS job at the mall and was back at work 4 days after surgery.

    I wish you luck with the cortisone and VIOXX. Hopefully somebody can give you some relevant information on bursitis and some more recent information on arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


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