1 rep bench max

  1. 1 rep bench max

    if a person can bench 265 easily for 3 sets of 8 on the bench what would you assume his 1 rep bench max would be? i use to have a chart for this but lost it any help? thanks

  2. That would be a little bitch ass 335 pounds. (approxiamtely)

  3. Talking

    damn, that's cold man. real cold.

  4. YimenEcricket if your being sarcastic then use the smiley face or something. If it was just a rude comment then take it somewhere else. For all you know this dude could way 170lbs throwin that weight up.
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    I don't know what Cricket meant either.........


    I'm not sure what 8's translate to. But generally speaking, take what you can do for 4 reps, divide that by .90 and you'll get your single rep max. That formula seems to work well for most. So for example, if you can put up 315 x 4, that would be

    315 / .90 = 350

  6. I was just joking, I think 335 is a good bench.

    I should have said so , but i thought we were all men here.

    By the way... No disrespect intended..
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    Quote Originally Posted by megalug
    if a person can bench 265 easily for 3 sets of 8 on the bench what would you assume his 1 rep bench max would be? i use to have a chart for this but lost it any help? thanks
    The best way is to max eventually. It's difficult to say what you could really do. You may be better at higher reps than lower. The only way to know your max is to do it. How many times can you do 315? That is my guesstimate for you. Not a science just a guess. Regardless, nice job.
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  8. This is the chart i have used. I got it from bb.com

    Reps %1RM
    1rep= 100%
    2reps= 95%
    3reps= 90%
    4reps= 88%
    5reps= 86%
    6reps= 83%
    7reps= 80%
    8reps= 78%
    9reps= 76%
    10reps= 75%
    11reps= 72%
    12reps= 70%

    USING THE TABLE: This is how you use the table. Find the number of reps to concentric failure that you can perform with a certain weight. In other words, if you can only do eight reps with a certain weight and could not possible do another full rep, that is your point of failure. Find the percentage associated with that number of repetitions from the table above.

    Now, divide the weight that you can do by that percentage using decimals (83 percent equals .83) and that will give you an approximation of your one repetition maximum. For example, if you can perform 10 reps with 175 lbs. in the bench press, that means that 175 lbs. is 75% (0.75) of your one repetition maximum. So you would take 175 divided by .75 and that would equal 233 lbs. You should probably use your calculator, we knew a guy who did it in his head and said he could bench 3000 lbs. Good luck!

  9. thanks yimen , thats the chart i was looking for . sorry about the misunderstandings we had . good luck to you in your future cycles bro and happy new year . peace


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