Shoulder Injury

  1. Shoulder Injury

    On feb. 5th I Injured my shoulder doing hapkido. I went to the doc and nothing was broken wich lead us to believe it was an inflamed bursa and we didnt think it was a rotator cuff tear because It didnt hurt when pressure was applied on the outside, its just a dull ache on the inside. It hurts only if I use it too much or stress it. I took some NSAID's for a while and it seems to be a little better. What I was wondering is would it be a good Idea to continue lifting just trying not to use my shoulder? and if so what would be some ok excersizes? Thank you for any help ahead of time.

  2. anyone have any ideas?

  3. defn be careful exercising with it. I'd do some light delt raises to strengthen it back up. Also stretch your shoulder and your chest to prevent your shoulder from getting to tight so when you can work it again it won't get hurt. I seperated my shoulder 3 times so my experience with shoulders are limited to that. I did train a client who had a very similar complaint to you and his problem was that his pecs were so tight they were bringing pressure on his shoulders. After stretching his pecs/shoulders for 2 weeks everyday the pain is gone, so give that a shot.

  4. do mostly cable/band work for overhead movements (like presses)
    have shoulder surgery a year and a half ago after numerous dislocations and dislocated it again in november... a llotta good surgery did huh!
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