Dual Cable Rows

  1. Dual Cable Rows

    Does anyone do these (I think that is the right term for it, though i think it could also be called a cable pull)? Basically where on the dual cable machine you put both machine arms to their highest position and parallel, then with your arms about 45 degrees upright you alternate pulling/rowing back with your arms. The stop point is when your elbow is next to your hip and upper arm is flat. My understanding is that it is a pretty dynamic exercise with pretty quick back and forth movement.

    I can't find too much literature on this, so I am wondering if this is a good shoulder exercise to mix in with the standard dumbell/barbell presses and raises. It should target the anterior delt.

  2. i don't see why it should not be a good exercise. pretty much any resistance training is good for you.......f-it, do them to failure and enjoy. i'm a bit old school with my lifting, try to stay off the machines as much as possible, i enjoy the gravity effect DB's and BB's give me. but some machine exercises are decent

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