Avoid the Flu Naturally....

  1. Avoid the Flu Naturally....

    Derived from Health&Energy.com

    YJ Note: For all you guys who dont like injection of flu shots (althought I cant imagine why you wouldnt but) here is a guide (pretty much common sense) on how to boost your immune system, something to be taken seriously.....
    **I went through and colored some good points red, enjoy.

    What cause flu and colds?

    Bugs. Bacteria cause colds and viruses cause flu. Our world is full of them. They're in our bodies. Our food. Our air and our water. We live in a swirling mass of them. If we could see them, most of us would not have the courage to get out of bed in the morning.

    Why don't we suffer from infections all year?

    We do, but we are not aware of the major battles our body's are waging every minute of the day! That is because our immune system, our infection fighting troops, are winning. As soon as they are overwhelmed, our noses run, we cough, our bodies ache and we run a temperature. These are the symptoms of a body marshalling its reserves to fight an enemy which has multiplied out of control. It is not a disease.
    The viruses are more likely to gain temporary control in winter as people tend to exercise less, eat more and crowd in buildings heated by contaminated re-circulating heating systems (Never examine an old air duct. You will never want to visit that building again!)

    So why are shots not a good idea?

    For persons with very weak immune systems, they may be necessary. However, they seriously weaken the body's natural defenses just when they are needed most by injecting "dead" flu viruses into the system in the hope the the body will reinforce itself with antibodies matching these strains of viruses.

    Worse still are antibiotics, which kill a broad range of bacteria in the body, both good and bad. Antibiotics do not kill viruses, and are thus useless against flu It is now widely recognized by enlightened physicians that this shot-gun-at-the-mosquito approach is fraught with dangers, not the least of which is candida, a yeast infection which takes over the body and its digestive system when good bacteria in the gut are destroyed. Check what Dr, Rona Zoltan has to say about the effects of this in his article on Leaky Gut Syndrome. Bacteria are also capable of mutating very rapidly, and every time they are faced with an antibiotic, they mutate into a new strain that is not known to science, and which is now immune to the antibiotic.

    It is now also becoming evident that "diseases" such as lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome can be the result of childhood inoculations which over stimulate the basic component of the immune system to start attacking the cellular component, resulting in what amounts to an internal civil war. Rheumatoid arthritis can be the result of this same process. Both are exacerbated by a leaky gut.

    What is the answer?

    STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM! There is nothing as powerful as the body to deal with its own healing. There is a saying that an army runs on it stomach. So does yours! Starving your body of nutrients is equivalent to cutting of supplies to this army.

    If the human body were not capable of fighting viruses and bacteria on its own, the human race would have long since taken the dinosaur path to extinction, as neither Physicians nor their "wonder" drugs have been with us for more than a blink of an eyelid measured in human development time.


    *Eating well on real food, not processed junk
    *Exercising regularly and hard
    *Drinking plenty of pure water
    *Taking the right supplements to compensate for the contaminated environment we live in and impoverished foods we eat. Zinc and Vitamin C have been shown in clinical trials to reduce the effects of colds (as well as providing a wide range of other benefits) Between 1,000 and 3,000 mg per day of Vitamin C is needed, spread throughout the day as it is not stored in the body.
    *Try to follow our 20 Golden Rules for health

    If this sound too big a deal, it isn't if you use your head and set priorities. These should be:

    Don't smoke. Flu shots will NOT stop you falling sick if you smoke.
    If you start to experience symptoms of a weakened immune system, go on a course of d-Lenolate Olive Leaf extract. It is a deadly killer of bad bacteria and viruses.
    Soak your system in MSM. This is the safest way to enhance your body's natural immune system on a long term basis
    Review how and what you eat. If it is not practical to eat more fresh food, soak up all you need daily with Greens+
    Exercise more. In the gym; walk when you could have driven; breath deeply at all times. Take the dog with you. Romp with the kids on the turf. Devote one half a day every weekend to walking, swimming, tennis - any sport that extends you.
    Drink plenty of pure water
    Take responsibility for your own health, for its in your hands. Not your HMO's. Nor your Physician's. Look to them as a LAST resort. Look to your own strength as the first rallying point of your internal troops.

  2. I guess I am lucky in this regard. I have never had the flu. I have a genetic predisposition to be one of those people who does not catch the disease. I have been exposed to carriers and those even infected with it. But good info yj. Thanks again for keeping us in the know.

  3. Originally posted by DarCSA
    I guess I am lucky in this regard. I have never had the flu. I have a genetic predisposition to be one of those people who does not catch the disease. I have been exposed to carriers and those even infected with it. But good info yj. Thanks again for keeping us in the know.
    Wow talk about luck then. I don't get sick often so I'm a tad lucky as well. But never isn't even close to my league


  4. i saw a program on health tv about schools , daycares, gyms , and such. it focused on the stuff that travels through the air and gets in the hvac. especially if your gym has a daycare. it would scare the crap out of you. it made very paranoid , but it also helped me talk the wife into building as home gym so thats a plus. anyway , the jist of it was that the buildings are poorly maintained and that crap travels in the air and causes lots of problems , it was mostly about schools and daycares but the couple they interviewed says thier child got a very bad respitory virus from a kid in the daycare at thier gym. yuk.

  5. No kidding.

    What is the flu. I mean what are the symptoms?

    I don't think I have had it. I haven't been sick enough to miss work or school in YEARS. Well over 10 years.

    Don't get me wrong I still call in 'sick'.



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