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    I've been giving it quite some thought lately and I'm interested in giving yoga a fair shot. I'm interested in it for many reasons but namely to reap the physical and psychological benefits (e.g. stress-relief, core strength, balance+flexibility). I'm really pushing hard to start lifting weights ASAP. money situation is tight now though so I'm waiting to be employed so I can afford to be healthy and fit

    it's pitiful, I know. I've been tied up bad lately with filling out applications and many other commitments but I figured in the meantime I could start wetting my beak a bit.

    My Inquiry: I'm looking for some literature (on-line or hard copy but preferably hard copy) on yoga. something like a beginner's guide discussing the fundamentals of yoga and such. I like to educate and inform myself a bit on everything I do before I do it. I'm not looking for anything too crazy in-depth or what have you. just something along the lines of a "yoga for dummies" if you will

    thanks in advance and nothing but success to all youse!

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    THE BEST book of the kind you want is the *first* edition of the Light of Yoga Society's Beginners' Manual. Clear, simple, direct, easy-to-follow, clinch-bound to lay flat open, well-illustrated, concise...and, unfortunately, out of print for a few decades.

    Lucky you: has a copy:

    Jump on it now, while you can!

    For more of a brain understanding of yoga, there's zillions of good books, but few (if any) with more bang-for-buck than Ramacharaka's "Hatha Yoga" (or, "The Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being") - here again, Biblio has it:

    Neither of these books leans on faith, or gods, or any kind of spiritual tie-in. they're both logical, empirical, reasonable, and comprehensible. Frankly, they go together really well. The pair, plus shipping, will probably cost you less than some dumbed-down 'dummies' book from Amazon.

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