Intensity- CNS Overkill?

  1. Intensity- CNS Overkill?

    I have been pretty infatuated with the GVT program as of late despite my strength-training tendencies. I wondered if the bench/db row program would transfer to other muscle groups/ I figured I'd give the 10x10 a shot for inside grip E-Z Bar Curls (as bicep strength has really no place in the real world other than furniture moving and perhaps arm wrestling). My workout was as follows:

    Giant Set Back (circuit repeated three times before switching to biceps):
    10 x BW Wide Grip Pullups, full ROM
    10 x 95lbs. Barbell Row
    8 x 65lbs. DB Row
    10 x 120lbs. Lat Pulldown

    Approx. 90 seconds rest in between sets

    GVT E-Z Bar Curl:
    10 x 10 75 E-Z Bar Curl (failure @ set 8 at 9)

    Approx. 90 seconds rest in between sets

    Giant Set Forearms (circuit repeated three times before to abs):
    12 x 55 Reverse E-Z Bar Curl
    10 x 20lbs. Vertical-Aligned Hammer Curls
    10 x 20lbs. Cross-Body Hammer Curls
    15 x 105lbs. Behind-the-Back Wrist/Forearm Curls
    Failure x ? Wrist Roller/Roll-ups

    Approx. 90 seconds rest in between sets

    All-encompassing ab circuit (don't know the exact names, went to failure on each exercise)

    My question is, I know that GVT can be hard on the CNS and you're not supposed to do the same workout more than once/week (I'm pretty sure). With these kind of high-intensity circuits, am I being counterproductive to my mass-gaining intentions? I appreciate any responses and input as always.

  2. Might be tough at first but I wouldnt worry about it, I did a similar thing for my bench and it worked pretty well for about 4 weeks until I had to change it up.

  3. eat clean and in proper amounts and make sure you allow urself time 2recover and u should experience some good growth and ur CNS shud recover well ...i did a GVT 3x wk but different exercises each day and my CNS and results were of luck w/ urs

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