Is this weird?

  1. Is this weird?

    first off im 16 years old and the stuff i read on here gives me alot to think about for when i am older and more willing to have my body go throught all that stress. Secondly i am right now a totally clean lifter, i havnt even ever taken creatine.
    I am deadlifting 430 5 times, squatting about 450, and my bench is about 240... not so great considering im 6' 2" 220 lbs. I am trying to cut weight get a little toned then BULK! last year i did my first bulk totally natural and my squat (which i worked twice a week) litterally went up 10 lbs a week along with my bench about 5 lbs a week. this year though i know i shouldnt be deadlifting when im trying to cut has gone up a butt load when i first started about 2 months ago i could do about 370 once. thats quite an improvement i assume. but my question is, is it weird that its going up that fast or is it just my body is changing as i grow up... either way i sure do enjoy it, hahaha.

    I love the site!

  2. oh yea also what excercise regim would you recommend along with what supps right now im kind running blind, though i am going to start on keto next week.. i tested it 2 weeks ago, but christmas break happened so i got off and decided to get on it for real when break is over.

  3. Deadlifts own u! Don't stop deadlifts just cause your trying to cut, that makes no sence.

  4. oh... ok thanks

  5. To answer your question of if what you're doing is normal I would say no. You sound like an above average lifter with above average genetics to me. So don't complain!

    16 years old, 220 with a 430 dead for reps, 450 squat and a 240 bench. WOW!

    It sounds like you have a handle on what you are doing. You are doing big, compound, result producing exercises. I think that's great. A lot of teens read a few magazines and start in with the tricep kickback to full extension nonsense. Stick with the basics: squats, bench, deadlifts, rows, dips, pull-ups, etc.

    You also stated that you are natural, not even using creatine. Smart kid. While I dont think creatine would hurt you it sounds like you are growing just fine on food and weights. Keep it up.

    I'm going to suggest a book to you. It's called Beyond Brawn by Stuart McRobert. I wish to God I had this book when I was 16! I wouldn't have wasted so much time. Even if you aren't a hardgainer this book will keep you on the right path.

  6. thanks alot ill look into that.
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    Use the search and research.


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