dumbbells or barbells?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Onslaught
    Try pinching your shoulder blades together when you're pressing. You won't be able to handle as much weight, but it has positive effects when training for hypertrophy. So, don't be an ego-lifter.

    Bean, are you saying that it's not as important to train then? If so, that's wrong. Hypertrophying the pec minor will "bring out" the muscles you mentioned. Hence, why it's the prefered press for bodybuilders.

    no not at all; i just think it was wrong to say that inclines targeted the pec minor... a lot of people assume the pec minor is the top of the pec itself; which it isnt...

    decline presses and dips work the chest the best; i've found this out over time...

  2. my chast day alternates DB barbell and has an incline variation each day too, personally i find DB excercises (shoulder press too) do a lot to strengthen the synergistic pressing muscles in the shoulder and give you a far stronger bench and better overall upper arm and chest development.

    Hard to get into position for heavy presses tho, 100lb DB's can do a lot of damage if your shoulder gives out.

  3. Flys and pullovers are what adds size to my chest much more so then presses. And I had a delt injury for some time and presses, especially incline were abosulute hell for me. But as already mentioned, I can incline press with 110 DBs... getting them up without a spotter is a workout in it's self haha. I hit a plateau some time ago and what got me past it was negatives, I LOVE negatives.

  4. Dumbells for me hands down. Full range of motion is the biggest reason. It also allows you to cheat a litte and incorporate the entire chest once youve burnt out the majore pec muslces. Barbells are far too restrictive for flat IMO but good for your incline and declne presses.

    You cant favour one side also as you can sometimes do with a barbell so it makes for even gains on both sides of you body.

    I like the fact that you can also just dump the weights when your done so you dont really need a spotter.

  5. dump the weights.... do that at my gym and you get kicked out haha. Its my college gym.



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