Attaching weights to your belts

  1. Attaching weights to your belts

    How do you guys go about attaching weights to your belts for weighted pullups/dips etc? I've got an old all leather york belt I'd like to use, I'm thinking about cabling + heavy duty hooks.

  2. Most gyms have a belt specifically for that reason.

  3. The easiest and cheapest way to go is to stop by your local Home Depot or hardware store and pick up a three foot piece of heavy chain and one of those heavy duty hooks you mentioned. The same kind of hooks that are used on weight machines. This should cost you a whopping 5-7 bucks or so. Then just loop your chain around your belt, then around your weight, close it up with the hook and you're set.

  4. Three foot aint long enough bro. Try more like 5 or even 6. When your dipping with 2 45lb plates between your legs you want to make sure your nuts have plenty of clearance or else youll regret it later. Trust me ive learned by experience. 90lbs of weight smacking your nuts hurts pretty good and will make you bottom out real quick while dipping.

    -6' feet of decent chain (its better to have to much then not enough, besides when the chain is to short it gets to be like threading a needle trying to get it between your waist and the belt while supporting any weight that may be balancing close by)
    -One (1) quick release (quick-snap) heavy gauge clip.

    It should only run you about $20.


  5. 6 feet is pushing it bro. the lower the weight to the feet, you run into two problems. first, the weights could contact the floor. second, physically the weights will feel heavier from the distance of the mass to the hooking agent. Ive tested homemde chains out and for me (5'9 to 5'10), 3.5-4 feet even is best.

  6. I bought a hip squat belt 2 yrs ago for some additional leg exercise options....It's built so that an ez curl bar is between your legs, held by the belt of course...

    It also doubles as my weight holder on dips and pullups.. a good buy.

    I got it at Ironmind , look for Super Squats Hip Belt.


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