I saw a thread like this on another board, so I figured I'd start one here. Just to give everybody an idea of who they're dealing with. Post the main lifts plus anything you're proud of.
6'0" 225lbs 17%bf (bulking)
Deadlift 375X10 415X1 (kinda weird, huh?)
Squat 315X5
Bench 225X6 215X8
Hammer Strength Shrug 6 plates each sideX6
Bent Over Barbell Row 255X5
Seated Calf Raise 8platesX6
DB Shoulder press (right arm only) 85X7 (left arm something like 60X6)
All these lifts are current and post cycle. Jan 1st will be 6 months post-op arthroscopic Bankhardt repair of my left shoulder. Finally built my strength up to my previous highs before my surgery. My squat suffered the most because I can only recently free squat because I couldn't put my left arm in position to hold the bar on my back. Military press was 185 for 6, 6 months ago, 145 for 6 now.