Bodyweight routines

  1. Bodyweight routines

    What's you guys opinion on bodyweight exercise routines like Matt Furey's "Combat Conditioning"? Alot of people report that these types of routines are great for maintaining muscle mass without weightlifting while greatly improving flexibility, cardiovascular health, and functional body strength.

  2. bodyweight resistance training has its part in an overall healthy workout but i wouldnt stay strictly on that alone. one has to overload their muscles and you can do all the pullups and pushups you want, you aint gonna get the benefits of weight training.

  3. My thoughts on its use were more for the maintenance of muscle mass as opposed to gaining mass. It also has benefits that weight lifting alone doesn't provide such as flexibility, endurance, etc. Once you reach a certain size an alternative to heavy weight lifting would be desirable.

  4. Stew Smith (SEAL and author) says that he loses about 15% of his strength while doing bodyweight exercises after a cycle weightlifting. But I think its up to your gentics.

  5. Try it combines weight and bodyweight. I am hooked on that kind of training.



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