Best Excersises for "WINGS" ??

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  1. Best Excersises for "WINGS" ??

    You all know what I'm talking about! When you see someone with a HUGE back that looks like they got wings!! What are some good exercises for achieving a great back?

  2. wide grip pullups

  3. Lat pulldowns (close & wide)
    Seated rows (My favorite)
    Lat dips

  4. Bump on Matthews Reply, Wide Grip Pullups

  5. Pullups will work better than pull downs.

  6. I never do pullups. When I have I can only get 6-7 at a time. Is that on ok rep range? I'll start doing them if it is.

  7. Of course it is, you gotta start somewhere and then gain strength right .

  8. Ya that is fine. When I got back from Iraq I was down to two due to now strength training for four months. My strength went back up in no time.

  9. u can have someone hold ur ankles while ur doing them to give a little extra assistance if u would rather do a higher rep range.

  10. If you can only do a few chins at a time - try this:

    Do as many as you can. Now stop for 30 - 60 seconds and repeat until you get to 30. After a few weeks, you should be able to do 3 sets of 10 with 2 minutes rest in between. As soon as that becomes easy, start adding weight. And dont forget to STRETCH those lats, bend at the waist and pull on a pole or something that wont move on arm at a time.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    wide grip pullups
    absolutely agree... im always the most sore after doing these and thats using the same exact volume as a day where i would do pullDOWNS

  12. That settles it then. I'm starting with pullups tommorow!!! Thanks for the input bro's.

  13. I read this tip from the guy who trains a lot of pro's like Ronnie Colman and such. I forget his name, I found the link to his site somewhere on Before your work sets, do a pre-exhaust with either dumbell pullovers or straight arm cable pullovers, then go right into your heavy set of Barbell rows or whatever. I think he said you don't wanna go all out on the pullovers but still use a decent amount of weight and intensity. I've been doing it ever since. For my first three sets of my back workout for the past month and a half I do 5 reps and 5 reps of really heavy straight arm cable pullovers and 5 reps of heavy bent over barbell rows, superset fashion. The first time I tried this I was amazed by the pump I got. I felt like one of those guys in the movies trying to walk like they're all swole, but i wasn't trying. I've used this for my first 3 sets for at least my last 6 back workouts, adding weight every week, and have definitely noticed that my back has grown. Like I said, the trainer guy said not to go all out on the pulldowns, but I've had good results using a 5RM, or close to it. I can't get 5 with good form on my third set. Try this out, and I guarantee you'll like it.

  14. And pullups are definitely the ****, but I can't do them right now (6 months post-op Left shoulder rotator cuff surgery (Bankhardt)). I was a big fan of neutral grip pullups when I could do them.

  15. im tellin ya i got the best width with weighted pullups. far superior to anything else as far as im concerned......
    take it easy...

  16. PULLDOWNS!!! take it from me! they work!

  17. Those are all great suggestions, but a wide back is NOTHING if it isn't thick enough. One word my friends...DEADLIFT.

    Deadlift, and deadlift HEAVY and the back of your dreams shall be yours quite soon.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by RaulJimenez
    Bump on Matthews Reply, Wide Grip Pullups
    Bump again on MatD's reply.
    ever see Arnold back in his prime day? that was one of his favorite exercises, and he could have probably glided to a safe landing w/ his "wings"
    he supposedly did 50per day, try that!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by candle25
    I never do pullups. When I have I can only get 6-7 at a time. Is that on ok rep range? I'll start doing them if it is.
    yeah man that's ok. i started out only doing that much, and now i do 3 sets of 20-25reps. once you start to work those muscles they strengthen pretty quick.
  20. Future
    Future's Avatar

    Barbell rows, seated rows and pulldowns. Avoid wide grips as the are potential dangerous on the pec and rotator cuff.

  21. 2 words, DEADLIFTS and BARBELL ROWS. Nothing can work the back as much as those two exercises. Of course, you want to add some other staples in there as well like Seated & DB Rows on some back training days as well.

  22. 3 Words , Deadlift, Barbell Row And Wide Grip Pullups

  23. Wide Grip Pullups are definitely good for "WINGS". A true muscle builder.

  24. A bodybuilder friend of mine told me for his lats (wings) he took a v-bar (if that's what you call it) the one you use for the seated rows, and throw it over the pull-up bar and do pull-ups that way. Man, my lats have never felt that sore!

  25. I believe those are called Commando Chins.


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