Couple of ???'s about DC Training + Diet

  1. Couple of ???'s about DC Training + Diet

    Hopefully the man himself can help me out with these questions...but if you know the answer than please share the wealth I am cutting btw.

    Question 1:

    As for the diet...there is no difference between a cutting diet and a bulking diet? Except to do more cardio first thing in the morning 4-6x/week. The whole goal is to get in 500+ grams of protein/day and cut off carbs (except veggies) after 6pm.

    Question 2:

    While having that high intake of protein...can T3 & Clen combo be added to help the cutting process? While taking some gear of course.

    Question 3:

    I play racketball 2-3x/week for an hour...but usually at night this going to be a problem while doing cardio first thing in the morning as far as muscle building is concerned? Is it too much cardio activity?

    Question 4:

    Last question. I workout in the mornings...can i do my 45-60mins cardio then my weights? Then as far as food is concerned would i just have my postworkout shake (as mentioned in cycle on pennies) along with some oatmeal?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Q1. Doggs suggestions you read are the condensed version to a large degree, but yes, that is the gist of it. I use carb restriction (timed carb) to do this with VERY LITTLE loss in performance while the fat goes away.

    Q2. Yes

    Q3 Quite possibly if the racketball sessions are intense. Only way to know is to try, but you are probably pushing things.

    Q4. Some people thrive on hitting the weights right after low intensity cardio, other (probably more) suffer lots of performance loss. If the weights stay good (meaning increases on about everything, everytime) have at it. If not, try to find a way to hit the gym in the evening. If carb levels are low enough afternoon or evening cardio works fine, but of course not as well as first thing AM. You can and shoul consume some relatively fast carbs to replenish carb stores right after the workout. TheyWONT spill over to fat deposition as long as you don't get carried away.

    Go to

    The Realm of Doggcrap and Iron Addict to see the running thread.

    Iron Addict

  3. About Question #4 : I have tried during cardio in the morning and then hitting the weights, it resulted in a no-no situation and was not getting stronger, what I did is I separated the cardio and training days 8 hours appart, meaning I did cardio first thing in the morning then 8 hours later I would hit the weights if you can do that, if not then you could also do cardio on OFF DAYS except legs day of course and gauge your recovery.

  4. i would almost think that doing cardio first before doing legs would be ideal...the cardio would get the blood flowing and get the leg muscles looser than if you were to hit legs right away.

  5. Yes bro but how many minutes you gonna do it? if you are going to do it for 45-60 minutes , you are going to tap into your glycogen stores, by the time you go into the squat , HOLYY **** you don't want to know .

  6. true dat've been trained by did you enjoy it?

  7. I read how DC goes into his dieting...depending on how carb sensitive the trainee is depends on how much carbs they get during the day or at what time they get cut off for carbs. Now for someone like me who is somewhat carb sensitive...i was looking at something like this:

    1) pro carbs or pro fats
    2) pro carbs or pro fats
    3) pro carbs or pro fats
    4) pro carbs or pro fats
    5) post workout meal with pro and zero fats and simple and complex carbs
    b) or on off training days this meal becomes pro fiber (veggies salads etc)
    6)protein with zero carbs and (most of the time-not always zero fats)

    But if that doesnt work for me...i could cut off carbs at meal around with the equation till i get it right for me i guess.

    But always getting in 500+ g/protein/day right?

  8. I love training with DC , is the best thing I've done in a long time , compound movements , hard but short workouts and the diet is not strict at all, he is with you all the time via email and will answer any question plus you can email him with any questions other than the program and eh will answer them too.

    ABout the diet , you are correct, however I wouldn't mess with the Protein + Carb combo Pre-Workout, you need those complex carbs for the extreme workouts , but you could experiment with Protein + Fat meals if you are carb sensitive other times around as long as you get in your Protein. Carb Cuttoff time starts at 6pm and you adjust according to how you are gaining Fat and muscle wise.. gaining a lot of fat, cutoff a little say 4pm , gaining Mass and no fat, leave it like that , not gaining muscle nor fat, move the carb cutoff a little bit to 1 hour or 2.

  9. Thanks Raul & IA for your help...its very much appreciated!

    for people that are carb sensitve...wouldnt r-ALA be a great benefit...say @ 600mg/day? much fat can one seriously gain while taking t3 & clen?

    I have also decided that it would be best to do cardio & racketball on the non-training days.

    Training days being: mon-weds-fri

  10. also another aspect that im not too sure do the 8 day training portion 4x then do a 2 week break?

    So basically that would be 8 weeks on and 2 off? is this correct?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Blindfaith
    also another aspect that im not too sure do the 8 day training portion 4x then do a 2 week break?

    So basically that would be 8 weeks on and 2 off? is this correct?
    After 4 weeks during the program , you need to listen to your body , when you feel you are drained out, is time to take a 2 week break.

    about the Ala , ala will help, ut it isn't a failsafe to add a bunch of carbs and pretend they wont be stored as fat, ala pushes carbs both to fat and muscle cells.

    About the t3 and clen , You must ask another person since I don't need or know much info about it , take care

  12. so after 4 weeks...if I feel tired or like im going to overtrain i take 2 weeks off?

    During that time off what do i do? Nothing? Just sit there and eat 500g Protein/day? Do i still keep the cardio up...or maybe just drop the cardio and weights and leave the raketball to 2 - 3 days/week?

  13. The 2 weeks is 2 weeks off, time to lay off the weights and cardio. I think you could drop your protein to 400grams but that's about it , nothing less nothing more.

  14. i really appreciate your help Raul! I think I have all the info i need to start up on DC training and dieting. Raul...IA...thank you!


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