lifting straps?

  1. lifting straps?

    can someone explain to me how to use straps, I bought them a long time ago but never used them now I need them for deads..thanks

  2. Set the angle of the dangle to the heat of the meat and strap it to the mass of your ass.

    Bro, if you can't figure out how to use straps... yikes.

  3. Put your hands through the loop of the strap and position the loop around your wrist. Now, take the rest of the strap and wrap it around the bar. It's easier to do one hand at a time. You can use your free hand to help on the first one. Once its wrapped around the bar a couple times use your palms to twist and tighten the strap. You will kind of be "rolling" the strap around the bar if you can understand that. You'll know if you have it right because you will feel the straps start to tighten. Once you have gotten them sufficiently tight without going overboard, go ahead and do your set.

    Remember that you still have to grasp the bar with force even with straps. I see some people relying on the straps too much.

    When you first start using straps it can be a little weird. Especially trying to get the second hand tight once the first is locked onto the bar. But dont worry. With a little practice you'll be a champ and you'll wonder how you ever trained without them.

  4. A few years back I used lifting straps but the best thing that I ever did was to quit using them. My grip strength shot up and forearms really grew and let me tell you having a strong grip doing your every day chores can be a real plus.

  5. Most people work their forearms out seperately however. If you dont use straps when you big on deadlifts, shrugs, etc, then you are cheating yourself on gains in those areas.

    Nice description Gollum, its kinda hard to give instructions.

  6. When using the straps, loop around your wrist, and take the rest, and loop it around the bar as if you're gearing up a motorcycle. Once you wrap it, you're good to go and lift that freakin' weight.
    Big AJ

  7. Most people work their forearms out seperately however. If you dont use straps when you big on deadlifts, shrugs, etc, then you are cheating yourself on gains in those areas.
    I agree. Dont use straps for everything, but definately use them if you can squeeze out more reps from chins, bent rows, etc. Why cheat the muscle you're trying to work because of weak grip strength?

    But, if you're going to do that, POUND those forearms every week.

  8. ever since i started using straps , i realised what a major help i was missing out on , definitely use straps , work forearms or do some grip work seperately if u want , but definitely use straps for heavy pulling movements .

  9. Im with ray on this one. I lifted for alot of years without straps and hooks and once I started using them both I was able to handle so much more weight without problems. I shrug up to about 500lbs twice a week and for anyone doing the same amount they can tell you that after your second set your grip is useless. Now considering I do 3 way supersets starting with 100lb db's on my sides then going to barbell shrugs with very decent weight and then rear barbell shrugs with the same weight Im pretty blasted with or without straps in my forearms (and my traps get alittle work in there too ). I normally do pyramids with each three going up in weight then back down for typically 5 sets of about 12-15 reps ea. set. If your lifting with proper form and working all your muscle group during the week then straps, hooks and other gym toys can be your best friend. I bet most of you dont remember the blaster belt for curling. Ive still been known to pull it out of the closet and use it in the gym once every blue moon.


    PS. Big forearms are nice but if your working forearms seperately then it hurts just to grab a bar let alone pick one up with weight on it. Besides do you want to have forearms like popeye on a body like pee-wee herman? If you think you need them use em.

  10. straps are a necessity on two lifts in particular in my books. deads and shrugs. (unless your grip strength is out of this world). No substitutes for going all out on heavy deads and shurgs, pounding your back and traps. If ones worried about their forearms being taken out, then do isolated work on them to build some thickness. I wouldnt train back day without them.....


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