Training the Triceps

  1. Training the Triceps

    I just put up a new article called Training The Triceps.

    Do you know which exercise hits the medial head of the triceps? The lateral head? How about the long head? Which exercises give you the best bang for the buck?

    Check it all out here: Training the Triceps

  2. Nice, thanks!

  3. awesome find

  4. Nice!

    Since the triceps are used so much during chest and shoulder workouts, I try not to give them too much attention on their own. Today in fact I'm going to incorporate some triceps training at the end of my shoulder workout, since they'll already be pretty warmed up. Thinking about doing a superset of a pressing or extension exercise (going heavy) followed by something that isolates the triceps, of which I've really been fond of one-arm reverse pushdowns.

  5. Got a couple of articles I put together after I posted the triceps article.

    Training the Biceps

    Training the Legs

    Training the Calfs

    I think these three will be just as helpful.

  6. good article


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