looking for advice on a weak shoulder

  1. looking for advice on a weak shoulder

    i find that when i work shoulders or chest my left shoulder lags behind my right one. For instance, incline DB bench, my right arm is practically still going when the left either is falling forwards or unable to push. I have a particularily difficult time when i am without a spot. Some of the weight i can't even get up for the first rep (incline DB bench and shoulder DB press) but with a spot for the first rep I can easily pump out 8. What do you guys suggest i do? lower the weight? i don't really want to do that cuz i can do atleast 8 good reps (sometimes more) when i get the weight up.
    Should I just stop when my left arm fails and hope that it will catch up... i dont want this to hinder my chest development eiother but i think it already is a little.
    Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance,

  2. Future
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    Well, are you in pain? It might not just be your shoulder. It could be your tricep as well.

  3. no pain. it feels great afterwards, actually. great pump and burn. When i do DB presses i can just feel my left shoulder working like crazy and i cant seem to get the weight up. Right shoulder pushes the weight easily.
    On Flat bench press, I get a crazy burn that is borderline painful when i lower the weight slowly and need a spot to help it back up (ie on my last rep).

  4. i got the same problem. on bench one of my shoulders has it all the way up (right one) while my left struggles to get it up.

  5. too bad noone has any advice.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    too bad noone has any advice.
    Shoulder Stability

    Try strengthening the external rotators of your shoulder along with your periscapular muscles i.e. mid-lower trapezius, serratus anterior, rhomboids, and pec minor.

    If the head of your humerus isnt held tightly into the socket it can be a bitch to do anything overhead.
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    I've noticed over time that sometimes one arm is stronger than the other on a given exercise. Eventually it just catches up. I'm right handed, and usually I can curl a given weight for 2-3 reps more with that arm. But then the other catches up.

    I've gone through the same thing benching and with military pressing. At times my left is stronger, other times they're equal.

    Just keep at it, and alternate from barbell to dumbell and back type of exercises. You'll overcome it.


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