supp guys, i been missing every1 on here ! I tore my rotator cuff 4 months ago .. i have been back lifting again now for 3 weeks i feel my strength coming back QUICK ! but i dont wanna push myself going heavy and get hurt again .. I never payed any attention to how to get more ripped up becuase i always wanted to get bigger .. but now i am thinking lets just take this slow sort of a recomp more on the ripped side .. i need all your guys help on this 1 .. I need rep schemes rather then going heavy 12 10 8 6 , the type of cardio i should be doing as in high intensity for a shorter prd of time or low intensity for a long time, i need alil bit of help with the diet i should be pretty good on this aspect.

thanks guys ! and i am very very happy to be back .. now with that said thats get ripped :bb3: