Hamstring injury.

  1. Hamstring injury.

    Hey guys,

    I wasnt quite sure where to post this, but i really some help with this topic. In early november while running sprints at the end of a football practice in the cold, i felt a shooting tightness in my glute(hammy insertion). That was on a wed and i practiced the thursday friday and then played in the game on saturday. It was incredibly painful to play and there was much pain in my glute and hammy while jogging and strecthing.
    I tried to come back about two weeks later for playoffs and my glute was just super tight and painful and getting in a stride was impossible. After that i rested it til decembber 15 and then did PT for a month. I made a ton of progress but there was still considerable pain while pushing my locked out leg behind me in my glute.
    Since the PT ive been following those workouts and trying to progress to jogging and high pulls and snatches. Those lifts worked pretty well for me until i tryed to ffront sqaut this week in order to get ready for cleans. I warm up everday for about 35 minutes and still my hammy doesnt feel fluid while working out. The leg was still hurting while pushing back behind me this week and that pain wouldnt go away but didnt really affect my lifts. While front squating i got down to the bottom on my first set with 135 and i felt a painful strecthing in my hammy and racked it.
    Im just wondering what i can do to fix my hamstring problem....It really isnt a flexibility issue and the muscle or tendon just doesnt seem to heal or work right. I make a ton of progress with PT but really cant do it while at school. Ive gotten ART before on my other hammy last year and that really didnt seem to help. I got graston on the same leg and that helped but i dont have acess to it anymore. The problem isnt inflamatio so ice, heat or stim wouldnt work. It just seems that the muscles in my right hammy/glute dont work right....Any help? sorry for the long story..

  2. Hamstrings dont get better over night bro....i pulled my hamstring in track a few years ago. I took me exactly a year to get mine back to 100% health. The biggest problem your dealing with now is the scar tissue. There isnt much you can do other than continue rehabing it and using the muscle (which will help the scar tissue lay flatter over time and will help alieviate pain). Another option to speed the scarring recovery is massaging the area-this can break up the scarr tissue and help it lay flatter, faster. The other issue you are faceing is any time you "pull" a muscle you are acctualy tearing it. That means (depending on the injuries severity) your muscles need to "bridge" the torn gap. It just takes time for your muscles to make the "bridge" strong and pain free. BTW Eccentric training will also be something you want to concentrate on. It will help lengthen the muscle and is great injury or reinjury prevention.

  3. thanks dude....yeah this was a while ago....i went to PT got graston and broke it all up. However i had acl surgery three weeks agao and a hamstring graft....so more fun times to come

  4. wow thats tough man, i went to PT as well but they never spoke of graston....what is that?

  5. its real new...my sports performance trainer told me about it and prolotherapy. Its a technique where they have these metal tools and they basiclly grind the scar tissue out of ure hamstring...u actually feel so much better after just one. Theres also proloterapy where they inject a glucose product into ure hamstring and it facilatates healing. Its tough to get but theres a doctor for the minor league ball players at my gym.

  6. thats intresting, thanks for the info....did you experience any muscular deformities post injury, before u had the graston done? If you noticed any, did the graston help get rid of the deformity? I only ask because im currently rehabing a "new" hamstring injury from this past spring and being my second one I know it takes time to heal, but the muscle has a significant indent where the injury occured. I was wondering if you think the graston treatment would be benificial to makeing the indent disapear from your experience. Thanks

  7. dude if you have an indent u have some major major damage....Mine wasnt deformed at all and never even got black and blue or tight. It just didnt slide right and felt like crap and after the graston it slid much better. If you have a dent u have a major tear of sorts....and thats real bad. Id see an ortho real soon. The graston will not get rid of deformities though

  8. yah its kinda strange, i can sprint almost 100% with no issues. and the strength in it is not bad at all. The only tenderness i note is when I get deep tissue massages on the scar tissue to break it up (which has acctualy helped reduce the deepness of the indent slightly and smoothed the damaged area out)......During that hamstring injury I didnt notice any black and blue in the area either, and the indent didnt show up until 3 or 4 months after the injury. Which makes me think the scar tissue made funny abbrasions and caused the muscle to heal incorrectly? It's been 8 months since the injury now. I appreciate all your advice though, I probably will go get proffesional care again if I cant find a means to completely allieviate the deformitiy.

  9. Hamstring injuries can nag you for a long time(cough Ken Griffey Jr. cough). Make sure you are 100% before returning.


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