keto excercise

  1. keto excercise

    i was just wondering what people think of my keto excercise regim.
    Monday - shoulder, lats, bis, tris easy 1 mile run

    tuesday - legs and lower back

    wendsday - cleans and deads, stomach. 1 mile run

    thursday - same as monday

    friday - same as tuesday

    i am 6' 2" 220lbs want to cut fat down to 200lbs then planning on bulking up to like 225 or 230 lean muscle.

    what do you think?

  2. If you are an EASY gainer, it could work well. If not, it will most likely stalemate you pretty fast. I am trying to find the rest days for the lower back, but am pretty stifled doing so. And please don't misinterpret. It might be just the thing for you, but it would beat most normal folks, juiced or not into the ground.

    Iron Addict

  3. i did a keto diet for close to a year and found i had to dramatically reduce my training time in the Gym.

    i tried my usual routine and ended up completely exhausted so going on my experience i'd back off a bit on volume and stick to a few heavy sets for one or two bodyparts per workout otherwise burnout will be enivitable without carbs.

    i was eating plenty of eye fillet steak, eggs, salmon and fibrous veges like they were going out of style and made fantastic gains in strength & size once i backed off to around 45 minute workouts.

    good luck with it.


  4. yea i feel good for the first few days of the week but by friday i can feel a serious lack of glycogen. doing 2 hours a day might be overdoing it, but my DL's still skyrocket up with no supps.

  5. I don't like how you train legs with lower back... IMO legs are a separate day all by themselves... if you are doing your exercises correctly and with strong intensity then the squats alone should beat the hell out of you to the extent that you can't train another bodypart efficiently if at all.
    I also think yuor Monday ruitine is too much... I would split that up... I think you are doing too much in one day and you lose intensity for the latter bodyparts in your training session.
    Keep in mind that just because it's a keto cutting diet doesnt mean you should lighten up on your lifting... you should train as you normally do and expect your lifts to increase.



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