Dips VS Bench Press

  1. Dips VS Bench Press

    Hate to say it again but I hurt my rotator cuff and am still worried about benching. I did bodyweight dips and experienced no pain.

    If I get into weighted dips, hopefully painless, how less effective is this excersise at building the upperbody than benching?

  2. It does a lot for triceps and some chest. When I do them I don't experience much in my chest.

    As for rotator cuff, this has helped me

  3. I find weighted dips more demanding overall than benching. Works the core, shoulders and back more, IMO. Chest activation is dependant upon grip width and angle - want to hit your chest; lean forward and use a slightly-wider-than-shoulder grip.

    Or try Gironda Dips - they hit your chest very well. Just google it.
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  4. I know the day after doing Negative dips my pecs are pretty sore two sets
    of neg only for 8-10 reps works for me. I do these every other week.

  5. for a while i ONLY did weighted dips for chest. i got a substantial amount of growth and strength increases doing so. i wouldnt say they were less effective at all, and for some could be even more effective.

  6. I incorporate both in my chest routine. Weighted dips are gnarly. They take some getting used to. But they pay off in spades as far as thickness and power. Your bench will go up too.

  7. I didn't start getting definition in my inner pecs till doing weighted dips. They helped me a sh*t ton

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  8. If you get a good forward lean on your dips they'll really work your chest. I wouldn't worry about going back to benching. My chest is developing better since I dropped flat bench all together.

  9. I have worked on my chest for a long time now and now I'm finally starting to see some progress. It seemed like no matter what I did I couldn't see any size difference. I've started a new bench routine and have had great results. I always throw dips in on my chest/triceps day at the end like a burn out set and so far I've had good results.

  10. Right now my only chest exercises are weighted dips and dumbbell flyes. I have a bumb rc as well, and have experienced no problems with these two movements.

  11. If you feel your triceps the most when doing dips then you are doing them wrong (unless you mean to target the triceps). Follow instruction from the great Iron Guru himself Vince Gironda.

    These dips focus on the pecs, Vince almost never benched and he had an epic looking chest.


  12. FWIW, dips bother my shoulders way more than benching. IMO fix the problem the best you can. Get some massage work done, work on scapular retraction, learn to tuck the elbows, etc. Good luck.


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