Holiday Price Special/Iron Addicts Web Site

  1. Holiday Price Special/Iron Addicts Web Site

    To save everyone the hassle of having to email me when inquiring about personal training information I put up a small info site:

    This fulfils that task and also has an article section that I will slowly add to from old and new articles. I have almost a small book of unpublished and un-posted articles and info that I will slowly introduce. I have been holding back on some of the articles because of a few offers for exclusive rights and the possibility of a book. It also provides me with a non web-based pop3 email account that I am going to do my damnedest to not end up spam central like my primary ispís account. My ziplip account has been so slow and often lists mail that has all the idiosyncrasies of a typical web based account so I started forwarding everything to the wesco account, and I get sooo much spam on that account its extremely difficult to not lose track or just plain overlook important mail. For all future email correspondence to me use [email protected]

    My apologies for the crude appearance of the site and the formatting. Within about 2 days of it being up I received 5 offers for site design and maintenance and will select one of them soon. Iím not going to attempt to turn it into a full-fledged bodybuilding/powerlifting board. We have plenty of great boards out there already, but I will continue to expand the article section with my, and others info, so if you have an article info worthy of adding, email [email protected] for consideration.

    And in the spirit of the holiday season the first 5 people to sign-up as new personal training clients will have the price reduced from 225 to 175, and the term will be increased from 12 weeks to 14. Get an early start on the New Year now

    Iron Addict

  2. thanks for the link IA

  3. guys i recommend you jump on this.. you wont regret it.

  4. Loads for me now.

    I am going to read all the articles over the holidays. thanks mate.

  5. BUMP for a good bro...

  6. Hey IA!

    First of all i would just like to say it is an absolute pleasure to read some of those articles...i gained so much more insight on bodybuilding and training.

    I am very much interested in signing up with you...i was wondering if you could show some before and after pics of some of the people that you have trained over the years??


  7. blindfaith-

    that should help you a bit

  8. holy **** dude! you made that much progress in a year! thats insane! Gotta give you props my friend...good work!

  9. yeah... all of it wasnt IA.. but the january pic of me doing the most muscular pose was about my size when i started with him..

  10. Hey IA,

    Is your special still good?

  11. All holiday special slots are filled.

    Iron Addict


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