3 day workout...continue or switch it up?

  1. 3 day workout...continue or switch it up?

    Little background on me...I have been lifting less than a year...just recently got serious about it. Im 6'1 191. I was bulking, but decided to change to a cut due to my belly. I am probably the definition of skinnyfat to a degree. 12.5" arms, 14" calves, 24" thighs etc etc. My gut is not that noticeable when standing, but I think that is because Im sucking it in. Im not sure what 'normal' is anymore because Ive trained myself to suck it in. When I sit down there is no hiding it..it pooches out. This needs to go away.

    On to the workout.

    Squats 3x5
    Bench Press 3x5
    Bent Rows 3x5
    Deadlifts 3x5
    Calf Raises 3x5
    Dips 2 sets to failure

    I usually swap chins and dips around from week to week.

    I follow this MWF.
    I do IBUR(interval build up running) 2 times a week.

    What would you guys change...? Be critical, I dont want to waste my time. If there are obvious flaws, please let me know!

  2. I've been training for 3 years, mostly martial arts. Lifting for about 2. But like you have had a serious scheduled routine for a few months. I have no expert advice and can't wait to see other posts to this thread. But I am wondering about ur routine. Is that your workout for each session or an overall for the week. If that's the routine for each workout, shouldn't you focus more on particular body areas. That routine seems all over the place....a little legs, a little chest, a little back.....etc. I try to focus on a particular area each workout. Mondays...blast my chest (push ups, bench, flies...etc) and only the chest. Tues....legs, Wed...Back & shoulders, Thurs....tris & bis...and so on. Like I said...can't for other replies.

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