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  1. i continue because chest day doesn't require legs, just chest.

    i am going to have to stop the deadlifts and go very lightweight though and higher reps. i broke one of my vertabrae while in the military and slipped a disc. well since that last killer legs day my back is killing me. i'm hoping its from deadlifts and not 20rep squat, but i'll have to wait and see. i couldn't do my 20rep squats this week cause of my back. i might do highrep/lightweight squats and deadlifts and then do killer leg presses eventually. i need to work this out so my back doesn't get injured, but i can still hammer my legs. not sure how i'm gonna alter this, but i have to. so far i'm gonna heal and drop the heavy deadlifts and see what happens.

    i only don't workout if that muscle group is sore, a week is normally plenty of time though to heal.

  2. Bump this thread. I've been on the 9 day split for a little over a month, and I've NEVER seen my weights flying up this fast.

  3. i had to buy new shirts, gonna be on XXL's cause of my shoulders/lats pretty soon. its rather funny when i now can't scratch certain parts of my body and have to rub against a wall to reach them. weights are going up everytime i lift also. if you haven't tried osmething like this its worth it, what do you have to lose? then just alter it to your body

  4. Now if I could CONSISTENTLY shovel in 6000+ calories per day, we're onto something!

  5. Glad to see some of you guys with the balls to break out of the mold and try something different. You will succeed where many fail. While a 9-day rotation isn't for everyone (I only have maybe 10-20% of my clients on one) nothing works better for those that need it. You sound like you have hit the true essence of leg work. Progress for lower body should be almost linear until the bar starts bending.

    Iron Addict

  6. IA i did a 20rep squat and deadlifts and well, my legs almost fell off and my back hurt. problem is i hurt my back to the point i couldn't lift for two weeks, i don't think i can do it again to my max at least i don't want to. i did have a major back injury when 18 (broke part of a vertabrae an slipped a disc) and yes guys i still did this routine. **** those who say they have a back injury, i still attempted it. and i don't regret it.

    question is now what do i do HEAVY for legs/back? i'm doing leg press 20 rep and till it HURTS and i'm shaking. i still do deadlifts but only with 225 for 10 reps. should i move to dumbell rows till failure to work my back since deads that are HARD are out. just looking for suggestions.

    was doing 20 rep squat/deads/calves/heavy abs
    now 20 rep leg press/deads/calves/heavy abs/dumbell row till failure? any idea's ia for a guy that doesn't wanna blow his back out?

    btw today i am in weight lifting class at school. she used me to demonstrate on the peck deck...too damn bad i'm doing the STACK with reps! never use to come close. i've only been doing few excersizes and 7 days a week. i'm rocking with strength and size! 197 off prohormones...this 6 weeker coming up on prohormones and i'll never be under 200 again. and as i said i'm gonna send IA something for that, w/o him i wouldn't have hit my goal of over 200lbs, but i am having to buy new clothes!

    thx ia

  7. btw if i wasn't in college i'd definately be a customer of his...if i can get this with just basic stuff i can't imagine what i'd be with exact/personalized help...the track coach and track team is indoors when i lift. today he told me if i was an athelete of his he'd request a roid test on me. i felt honored cause i'm perfectly legal


  8. Man, I love deads, but if your back is hurt don't do them. Lay off them for a bit. On those rare times my back was not up to deads, I did hypers and they seemed to help my back get better. If they get easy you can add some weight and it does help the deads when you go back to them. But let yourself heal or you'll be hurting a long time.


  9. yah, but for balls to the wall lifting what can i do? not squats or deads anymore. i mean i broke part of my spine once and slipped a disc. i just can't beat on it like that again. so wondering what i can do to hammer the back muscles and not so much the spine. ie leg presses and maybe one armed dumbell rows? i'll still do deads, but only at east weights from now on... better then nothing

  10. Depending on where your back injuries are/were leg presses can be even worse than squatting. I know I commented earlier in the thread, but Smith squats load the back differently than freeweight squats.

    The only squat machine that I've tried and liked was Powertec's leverage squat. The range of motion seemed real close to free weight squats.


  11. I have a lower back injury that has been problematic for a few years and will say that leg presses on MOST machines aggrevate it more than squats do. If leg pesses don't bother your back, try pairing leg presses with deadlifts and add just one rep each session or a SMALL amount of iron each time and you will probably fine you can be progressiver without re-injuring your back. I have used the powertech squat machine as well and it works quite well. A safety squat bar is another GREAT alternative and I have had mine for over 10 years now--damn I'm getting old!

    Iron Addict

  12. Corey, let your back heal. After that you can be balls out. Just wait until you are healed to worry about what you can do. Once you are healed you can probably do squats and deads fine. But doing them back to back is pretty harsh. Usually when you do that you don't want to go balls out on both.

    What have you done for your back? Massage, stretching?


  13. oh yah i do all that. its just doc said its the fact i went balls out and when my muscles start to give it puts more on the spine, the more weight on my spine agravatest he hell out of the slipped disc area then the next few days my muscles spasm and go nuts. he said way to avoid it is to not take the muscles to the point they are about to give and my spine taking a beating *shrugs*

    yah after 2 months of traction and 5 months of physical therapy way back when, i do stretches for my back and hamstrings EVERY day

  14. thx ia, i'll give that a shot. i think today is going to be my first return to deadlifts, keeping it fairly light still at 225 and see how i do the next few days. we do have a squat machine and its funny that idea never even crossed my mind. i'll have to see how that does always more eye candy in the machine room also

  15. just want to say to everyone if you're not going up 1 rep or 1lb everytime you lift i'd bet you're overtraining or not trying hard enough...hehe...set a new curl best for me at 135 w/ bench bar for 4reps.

  16. while doing deadlifts you guys keep your shoulders back when you're in the down position correct? if you keep them in that position you don't have to roll them back or anything at the top correct? just keep them back/straight throughout the entire lift?

  17. i just keep my shoulders back when i go down, so that when i stand up there is nothing left to roll back, shoulders are already back. oh well, i was just curious, i'll keep doing them the way i am


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