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    Hey guys I got a question about stiff/straight leg dead lifts. I really was feeling this more in my lower back than my hams last night. I tried really hard to keep the isolation away from my lower back but it was next to impossible. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong now. I was under the impression that SLDL's were more of ham and secondary glutes. Does it also include lower back? And do you consider lower back part of lower body in that case?

    Sorry for the noob question, it is just starting GVT really made me feel that last night.


  2. sldl is a tremendous hamstring exercise. as you said, the purpose of this exericse is to target a stretch in the hams and even though your lower back/spinal erector and forearms are used for support throughout the movement, the feelings you have of having hit the lower back, gives an indication that your form is not sound. two KEY points to keep in mind and to use whiile performing sldl. (1) its not a straighlegged movement. keep a slight bend in the knees to stray the unwanted and dangerous tension away from the back of knees and tendons and onto the upper regions of your hind leg. (2) when descending the weight down, STICK your ass out (just as in squats) If you think you are doing so, you probably aint doing it enough. over-exagerrate. keep eyes straight forward, parallel to the floor. your ROM should not be all the way down to the floor and back up all the day where you are locking out your body (much like a regular deadlift) keep an approx. 2 ft range, from mid/lower thighs to mid/lower shins. one last pointer, on the way up especially, imagine and focus pulling the weight back up with you hamstrings and not your upper body (arms, back, shoulders). Close your eyes...imagine yourself doing all three points and i promise you, you will see and feel why sldl might be the best iso ham exercise we know. (also....keep the weights fairly light) Sage

  3. Thanks Sage! I believe you nailed for me. I had been keeping my legs slightly bend and was actually using what I called 'Butt Out, Butt In' to do the lift. I was feeling the stretch in the ham but I was trying to focus the lifting in my glutes. And after walking around here at work a bit today I noticed my glutes are a bit sore.

    I was also bringing the weight all the way up to a lock out w/ my upper body so at some point I had to be moving the load over to my lower back.

    I will give it the old man try Thursday and lower the weight down some and try to keep it in the hams instead of the glutes.

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