Poll: What gave you the most muscle gains from compound excercises(strength NOT a factor)?

What gave you the most PURE hypertrophy from experience?

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  1. Anything related to triceps or forearms

  2. 5sets 6-8 reps 10 seconds rest, heavy weight for me.


  3. For example last workout i did bench and did 10 reps( i didn't want to decrease weight so i could do more reps) then 2 minute rest then 4 reps then 3 reps then 3 reps so as you can see i need to start much higher for some excercises(over 12 on first set).
    you and I seem to have the same problem, I think it is more a muscle endurance issue. Today I did chest, and I did a warm up set of 15 reps with 75lbs DB, then I did 8 with 105, then I did 115 for 5 (3 sets). Then I went to do incline DB, and could not even do 1 rep with 90lbs,and its not that it was too heavy, my muscles were tired. So for the rest of the day, I kept the weight low, real low, and did high reps of sets of 15 with 90 sec rest. I figured I should work on my muscle emdurance then work my way back up. I plan to do this for about three weeks to see how it goes.

  4. What has come best to my benifit, is muscle confusion, not sticking to a set rep amount for too long, changing excersizes in my workouts constantly, and working till failure on all sets, on average, my workouts for muscle groups change every week, rep ranges every 3 weeks, and intensity levels every 4-5 weeks.

  5. I personally use 8-12 reps for about 4 sets per exercise 4-6 exercises per body part. with 1-3 minutes between sets last set to complete muscular failure, BUT...strength is always a factor



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