Poll: What gave you the most muscle gains from compound excercises(strength NOT a factor)?

What gave you the most PURE hypertrophy from experience?

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  1. For me it really depends on the muscle group. My bi's respond best with 8-12, my tris between 4-8, chest is pretty much anything under 10, hams 2-8... It really is all over the place. I don't think one can say 'oh this rep range is the best' becuase each muscle responds slightly differently in my experience.

  2. I've always mixed it up 6 weeks heavy low reps then 6 weeks supersets 6 weeks of medium reps heavy weights more rest the 6 weeks max reps medium weight anything up to 100 rep sets on legs. BIOHAZARD method kill. I agree with the above about negatives really work but have to recover 100% after.

  3. It's a loaded question

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    i split mine up. for 6 weeks i'll do 5 sets of 20 reps for each exercise, and then 6 weeks of 3-4 sets of 8 reps. Using this combo, I've grown in size and strength better than I have with anything else. Experimentation is key.

  5. I definately gotta say that the best mass building lifting program is GVT training. Look at Charles Poliquin's article on bb.com I found it to be pretty good and I gained a good amount of mass on it.
    However I gained pretty much no strength, but that may not be a problem for you.

  6. I am in my Third week of Max-OT, and I am very pleased thus far. I am already beginning to see changes in strength.

  7. 8-12 reps 12 sets per muscle group
    split routine,working each muscle group twice a week but its hard work

  8. I dont overanalyze it.

    I use heavy weights... keep my sets between 4-8 per bodypart.

    Reps between 4-10...

    Going to failure, beyond failure or within one rep.

    Bodyparts between 1-2 times per week or so.

  9. I've always found that a set rep range, and trying to reach positive failure within that range, works best for me. Right now for most of my lifts my rep range is 6-8. I'm usually trying to hit 6-7, but the rule goes, if I can do more than 8 reps, I add weight, and if I can't do at least 6 reps, I reduce the weight. When I think I'm ready, I'll add weight the next week. As long as my diet is in order, I see pretty good results with this. As far as rest periods, they probably average 2-3 minutes depending on what lift I'm doing. I take about 3 minute breaks when I'm doing really heavy lifts.

  10. For myself when strength goes up - I grow. Simple as that. These days a lot of well known trainers really put emphasis on form over weight, not a balance between the two. Guys like Charles Glass, Milos Sarcev are just a couple but the fact is to get big you need to move around some heavy weight. You don't see the pros squatting 225 lbs doing 3 second negatives, you see them move heavy weights with a relatively fast cadence. Heavy weight is ultimately the best way to persuade muscle to grow. Keeping good form is a necessity, but I see some vids of massive guys doing side raises with 20lbs DB saying form is everything, you don't need heavy weights.... bull****.. they didn't get to looking like that with ****ing 20lbs DBs. That's my 2 cents on it anyway. You can still lift heavy weight and keep good form am I not saying forfeit form for weight at all.

    the main focus of ANY program should be adding weight to all lifts.

  11. Anything related to triceps or forearms

  12. 5sets 6-8 reps 10 seconds rest, heavy weight for me.


  13. For example last workout i did bench and did 10 reps( i didn't want to decrease weight so i could do more reps) then 2 minute rest then 4 reps then 3 reps then 3 reps so as you can see i need to start much higher for some excercises(over 12 on first set).
    you and I seem to have the same problem, I think it is more a muscle endurance issue. Today I did chest, and I did a warm up set of 15 reps with 75lbs DB, then I did 8 with 105, then I did 115 for 5 (3 sets). Then I went to do incline DB, and could not even do 1 rep with 90lbs,and its not that it was too heavy, my muscles were tired. So for the rest of the day, I kept the weight low, real low, and did high reps of sets of 15 with 90 sec rest. I figured I should work on my muscle emdurance then work my way back up. I plan to do this for about three weeks to see how it goes.

  14. What has come best to my benifit, is muscle confusion, not sticking to a set rep amount for too long, changing excersizes in my workouts constantly, and working till failure on all sets, on average, my workouts for muscle groups change every week, rep ranges every 3 weeks, and intensity levels every 4-5 weeks.

  15. I personally use 8-12 reps for about 4 sets per exercise 4-6 exercises per body part. with 1-3 minutes between sets last set to complete muscular failure, BUT...strength is always a factor


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