How important is flexing?

  1. How important is flexing?

    Its not something I commonly due. Especially because I dont want to look like an ego maniac and a goof flexing in front of the mirror near everyone in the gym. But, does it really have any physiological effect on the muscle, as far as filling it out and making it more defined? I have heard some people say that it can do things like create a higher bicep peak, and so on and so on. But can anyone attest to this?

  2. I have done isometrics a lot in the past and I did notice a better mind-muscle connection. As well as trying to sculpt the different muscles ie, the delts, traps, etc. You can do this at home in front of a large mirror. What I usually do is clench my fists and try to get a pump or some heat in my arms, from there it usually goes to my delts, traps, etc.

    Its kinda hard to explain w/o showing you, but I can normally get a pump (somewhat) when I do the above, and this isn't after or during a workout either, its just starting out cold. If you try for awhile, you'll most likely get the hang of it. But OTOH, I'm a wirey person as it is.

  3. Isometrics can cause sharp increases in blood pressure. However, it is not all that common.
    I think flexing does create a better connection between the mind and muscle.

  4. Originally posted by size
    Isometrics can cause sharp increases in blood pressure.
    Do you have references for that?

  5. Originally posted by Jergo

    Do you have references for that?
    Muscle contraction causes the need for blood flow.

  6. I agree that it does cause a better mind-muscle connection, but does it have any visual effect on the muscle itself?

  7. Flexing at the isometric stretch( the bottom of the movement when the muscle is at its longest, or right before the positive motion) during an exersise will give you more strength but not more size. There is no correlation between strength and size in this relm. the reason you get more strength is difficult to explain but I will try to give you lamens terms. Here ya go:
    At the isometric stretch the muscle has more action potential thus meaning it is ready to react to stimulus from the brain. as you should know our bodies are very good at not doing anything that it does not have to. thus an average person might use between 7-10% of a muscle at any given micro second. Flexing creates a nerve pulse that goes to the waiting muscle. this pulse then tells the muscle to move. With the weight on the muscle and it not moving the brain sends more pulses and thus the 7-10 might go to 10-12% This in itself will make the muscle that much stronger, and it will also make the muscle fatigue quicker. Over time this training will actually benefit the muscle to the point were 10-12% will almost always be used. Now with the fatigue slowing the muscle becomes stronger over the long haul. One thing about training this way is that if you were to say jump right into it you will feel increadible lactic acid buildup for a while. This is because the muscle never truelly relaxes and it is under presure at all times. The isometric stretch is usually held for about 2 seconds before starting the positive motion. And yes it will give you a pump from hell. So try this out and see if it does not fatigue your muscle that much quicker. And rest assured that after a while you will be quite stronger, but as far as size not much there will be accomplished right away, but we all know that eventually a strong muscle that is fed right will be bigger.


  8. Nice explanation whale. However, I just do them when I'm not working out, like on my rest days or whatever. I'll have to try doing them while in the motion, good stuff.

  9. Flexing definitely increasing your blood flow to give you that crazy pump.

    Peace out

    Big AJ


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