Getting back into squats (OUCH)

  1. Getting back into squats (OUCH)

    I stopped doing squats about 8 months ago because of a broken foot and never started back up again till this past Monday.... Damn, it's Thursday and I'm still sore.... I tried to use the same weight I was using 8 months ago.... Big mistake.

  2. hey man I know how you feel. try stretching, that helps with the soreness a lot. if your gym has a sauna i stretch in there for a deep stretch. that helps me a lot,

    other than that I suppose just try to look at it positively that you got a good work out and your legs are growing. I know its hard to go down in weight, I would have (and have) done the same thing.

  3. i know exactly how you feel, I've been there a few times after neglecting to workout my legs for long and once you start train them again they sure hurt for a few days, the funny thing for me was the day i started training legs again i felt so so, the following they they start to hurt and the next day it gets worst to the point I could not walk up stairs, getting out of the car was painful, hell even sitting down to take a sh!t they hurt

    going full speed on your first workout was not the best choice, try taking more glutamine or even aspirin.

  4. Congrats for at least doing them. A lot of guys in the gym have great upper bodies and chicken legs. Keep it up.
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    Ease into it. No hurry. With your injury its best to get some quality reps and full ROM just to make sure the scar tissue isnt holding you back.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by basspro View Post
    Congrats for at least doing them. A lot of guys in the gym have great upper bodies and chicken legs. Keep it up.
    after you break them in they'll behave like all other body parts, they do get sore but it does not stay that way for long!

  7. Funny thing was my wife said "Was it all worth it to be in such pain"?... I said "Yup, at least I know I tore a ton of muscle fiber up, big time".... I tell her over and over again... Sore muscles = good workout....She still just doesn't get it.

  8. yeah, I know the feeling, after weeks of not doing legs because I wanted to rest them so my knees would heal. I did SDLs two days ago, and my lower back and hams are killing me, but I love it. Question guys: My knees are still jacked up, so squats and leg extensions are a big NO NO for now. what other exercises (without messing knees up more) can I do to keep my tear drop?

  9. Hell yeah man. After a layoff squats will really tear ya up. It's definitely a reminder of just how effective that exercise truly is. What an amazingly effective and simple exercise-the best exercise.

  10. Squats always suck when you're getting back into them. For me it usually takes a few weeks before I can go with all out intensity. Eventually the soreness stops lasting a week and drops down to one or two days after my workout.

    Just stick with it! You're on the right track fo sho.


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