Poll: Do You Log Your Workouts?

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Do You Log Your Workouts?

  1. Do You Log Your Workouts?

    For the past year or so I've kept a logbook to track my workouts and make sure I'm making progress (generally in the strength department.) But recently I've started to wonder if I really care about strength, and I've begun to focus more on fast paced workouts using weight that "feels" right and allows for proper form (more hypertrophy focused workouts.) So I'm thinking about ditching my logs.

    So what about you guys? Do you keep a logbook? Why or why not?

  2. If you don't really care about strength and don't really have a goal besides achieving a "fast paced workout" then, yes, ditch the logbook.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by t-bone2 View Post
    If you don't really care about strength and don't really have a goal besides achieving a "fast paced workout" then, yes, ditch the logbook.
    By "fast paced workout," I mean shorter rest periods (around 1 minute), higher reps, etc. Not completely ditching strength gains, just not focusing on them as much. Just trying something new, and wondering what everybody else does.

  4. If your goal is shorter rest periods, leave the logbook at home and take a stopwatch. If your goal is strength or hypertrophy, retain the logbook.

  5. logs are for people with no memories....
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  6. I log my workouts so I can track my progress and how to adjust my rep/poundage.

    I rest about 1-1.5 minutes between sets. Enough time to flex the muscles I'm working for a good 20 seconds, write in my log book, take a drink of water and get back to it.

  7. Hard data is only going to help you in planning training sessions and gauging progress. Feel and/or "looks" are entirely subjective, and in my opinion not an adequate measure for how you should train.

    If a logbook is consuming your workout, crunching numbers between sets, that's different. It shouldn't dictate your intensity or your motivation, but should be used to track progress... or sometimes the lack there of. It can only be beneficial in the long run, if you put in the effort. It can be time consuming, reviewing and comparing, but IMO is worth it.

  8. I don't log all the time but I do log in a spreadsheet when i'm on cycle or on a particular protocol like periodization which i doing for my flat bench right now. I'm not really logging anything else but i do log my chest workouts because it's a ten week program and i want to stay on track.

  9. I do not keep a log book, mostly because I also enjoy fast-paced workouts and I don't want to be carrying something around the gym; I try to stay focused. However, I do maintain awareness of my maxes just to make sure I am gaining strength.

  10. I think it's very important to log your workouts if you're really serious about getting results faster. Logging can help you progress in weights without having to remember what you did from the last workout by memory. It can also be cool when you look back at your logs from a few years ago to see how much you progressed.

  11. I used to when i first started out, now since I know what machines and/or exercises work for me, its kind of redundant.

  12. I dont log, its annoying. I did at the beginning and then just recently tried again. Can't do it, dont want to.

  13. I've logged my workouts for the past 2 years or so and I don't like not doing it now. If I were just training to stay in shape or for heart health I wouldn't, but since I'm training for size and strength then I log it all.

  14. I only lasted two workouts without my logbook before I went crawling back

    I didn't feel like I had any control over my workouts or any way to make sure I was progressing without it.

  15. Just not organized enough to do that
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  16. Only when I'm logging a supplement.


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