Grip pain / problem

  1. Grip pain / problem

    Lately I have been getting pain in my grip while going heavy. It usually hurts the palms of my hands and sometimes my forearms. Looking into getting some form of strap. I've been looking at the versa gripps and a type of lifting hook. The hook seems ideal, but I have seen some users report the hook ripping out or bending. I'm looking for the best product to enable me to continue reps and alleviate my grip problem. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

  2. i get a pain in my forearm when i curl heavy. my only suggestion is to use those little grip things you can buy at walmart and warm up your forearms before lifting, it has helped me alot.

  3. I get some enflamed tendons or something when I lift heavy and often. I think I tend to overtrain a little when I feel really motivated. This seems great for my muscles but taxing for my connectors. It's frustrating because the pain effects my strength a little, although it's not painful enough to keep me out of the gym for very long. Hence, it becomes nagging.

  4. I get sharp pain my hands when I curl heavy or bench heavy sometimes but that is from fighting and punching sh1t in general I have slightly broken some small bones in both my hands and every now and then I can feel the pain of it when lifting heavy. Its weird cause if I shake my hands around and massage them I think I can put whatever it is back in place and then it doesnt hurt, lol.

  5. Pain is a message.

    No pain - no brain!

  6. When ever I feel tightness in my forearms, hands or wrists, I do some mobility work for them and maby give them a massage using a tennis ball or something similar.


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