hurt chest last night

  1. hurt chest last night

    Ok, I was working out my chest last night. I was doing flat bench presses. I did 2 warm up sets first then on my second real set, I brought the bar down to chest level then as I was pushing up about halfway to the top I heard a couple of pops in my left pec. It scared me to death. So i yelled for a spot and the guy couldnt get it up by himself so i tried helping him out, but that just made things worse as i hear another pop. My first thoughts were that i had torn some ligament, but today its just pretty sore. I can flex a little bit, but not too much. Im thinking i might have just pulled it or strained it bc its pretty swollen and tender. Has anyone had a similar experience? Im probably gonna go to the doc and have him check it out. Its just the sound that really worries me... Any thoughts appreciated

  2. sounds like you tore something in there
    had the same type of thing when I tore my calf muscle
    loud pop and I was on the floor

    make sure you get into the doctor soon and also try to find a chiropracter or a sports med doctor that does ART, it is amazing how much that can help

    good luck

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